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Gorka: The US will no longer appease North Korea

Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka told Sean Hannity that it is time to stop appeasing North Korea.

“This is when the appeasement ends.” Dr. Gorka told Hannity in an interview Thursday night.  “This nation, this White House, this president will no longer put up with appeasement.”

Gorka also pointed out that the problem with North Korea is Kim Jong-un, not its people.

“It is not the people of Korea that are the problem,” Gorka said. “It is the regime. An evil, evil regime.”

Sebastian mentioned that there are actions that the White House is prepared to take to neutralize Kim Jong-un’s command and control  – none of which require the use of full-scale war or nuclear weapons.

“There are covert means, that we don’t discuss on television, that can incapacitate the regime’s ability to use its military.”

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