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Not a Blatant Act Of Racism And Intimidation? Does This Mean No More False News From CNN?

At Joint Base Andrews yesterday, July 8, 2017, as President Donald Trump approached Marine-One for a flight to the White House following his successful trip to Europe to attend the G-20 talks, he saw the cap of the Marine who was standing guard at the helicopter laying on the tarmac where the wind had blown it.

The President deftly picked up the cap, placed it back on the head of the rigidly at attention Marine, gave the Marine a pat on the arm and a word of encouragement into his ear to signify his appreciation for the young man’s service, and then boarded the aircraft.

The next thing I expect to hear from CNN about this event is that the President intimidated the Marine and frightened him by his abrupt approach, his invasion of the Marine’s personal space, his aggressively and angrily shoving the cap back on the Marine’s head, and that he assaulted the Marine by striking him on the arm and yelling racial insults into his ear.

The Marine was, you see, a patriotic young black man, and to date, CNN has not allowed any opportunity to pass in which they don’t misreport and lying misstate every act that President Trump makes. So I’m waiting for them to lie about this event and place as negative a twist on the President’s kindly actions as they can.

Where is the editorial staff of CNN to not lie about the President’s act of kindness and his obvious appreciation for the Marine’s selfless service to his country, that they don’t label his acts as racism and intimidation?

I fear that CNN is not living up to its lying, hate-Trump standards and is beginning to slip a little bit. Could this cautious and risky first step lead to CNN’s impartially reporting the news as events occur instead of making every happening into a political crime worthy of punishment of some sort? I doubt it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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