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General Kelly in Charge: The Swamp Will Now Be Drained


Priebus, Out. Scaramucci, Out. General  Kelly … in charge. This is what Trump needs as chief of staff. Someone who is tough as nails and takes no nonsense from anyone or else you are out. I always felt Trump wasn’t good at picking the right people some of the time. Now that is about to change. Trump is finding out that running a country is different than running a company and he is learning fast.

Kelly is a four-star general as is General Mattis, Trump’s Secretary of Defense. There have been only 51 four star generals in the history of our military and Mattis and Kelly are two of them. Kelly served three tours in Iraq and lost a son in Afghanistan. He knows the agony of war and the true meaning of teamwork to get the job done and win as does Mattis who previously served as the 11th Commander of United States Central Command and was responsible for American military operations in the Middle East, Northeast Africa, and Central Asia, from August 11, 2010, to March 22, 2013. They both hate to lose as does Trump. Together they are a powerhouse this country needs to get back on track.

Kelly recently accepted a position as Trump’s chief of staff, replacing Reince Priebus, who was ousted on Friday amid brewing tensions with White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who was ousted on Monday.

Scaramucci’s ouster followed an explosive interview he gave to The New Yorker, during which he called Priebus “a paranoid schizophrenic — a paranoiac” and made vulgar comments about White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Kelly was reportedly the one who requested that Scaramucci be removed as communications director, in an effort to assert that he was in charge, according to the Times.

Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, nearly resigned over the way Trump fired former FBI director James Comey in May, sources told CNN on Monday.

Kelly was serving as Trump’s homeland security secretary at the time Comey was fired, and the two men reportedly had a professional relationship and a “deep mutual respect” for each other, according to CNN.

A lot of people at first used to respect Comey until we found out that he buckled to Lynch and lied to help Obama. Then his criminal leaking to 3rd parties in an attempt to hide his duplicity wiped out any respect from most of America.

In a meeting on Monday after he was sworn in Kelly held a meeting with the White House Staff and said to members of the White House staff at the meeting that he is in charge and all personnel comes through him and he reports to the president even Trump’s daughter and son-in-law.

Now with Priebus out, Scarmucci out (and there will be others) and Kelly in and Mattis in hopefully we will see the leaks stop and watch the swamp be really drained now, but The swamp creatures are deeply entrenched. The worst ones are in the (leadership ) of the House and Senate, Ryan & McConnell, and a few others like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Olympia Snow and other swamp ‘gators. Yes, Kelly has his work cut out for him, but like a tough Drill Sergeant, he’ll keep everyone in line.

At Kelly’s swearing in ceremony Trump said he has complete faith in Kelly and good things are happening for the country once again, unemployment is down, the economy is coming back, housing starts are up, the stock market is roaring again, American companies are seeing a profit growth not seen in years and wall street is hitting new highs every day. America is coming back!!!

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. Turns out General Kelly is a grad of my high school, Saint Mary’s Waltham MA (closed in 73), taught by Christian brothers from a working class Irish Catholic background, Not a billionarie, a Gold Star Father, the polar opposite of everyione in the White House. If he cannot get Trump in line, nobody can, He was upset when Comey was fired. It would seem Trump’s style and Kelly’s would be like oil and water!!! I hope Kelly succeeds but Trump so far has shown no ability to follow instructions or take contstructive feedback, the man has never in his life uttered the words “I could be wrong but…..” Good luck to General Kelly, he will need it.

  2. In response to “The swamp creatures are deeply entrenched. The worst ones are in the (leadership ) of the House and Senate, Ryan & McConnell, and a few others like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Olympia Snow and other swamp ‘gators. Yes, Kelly has his work cut out for him, but like a tough Drill Sergeant, he’ll keep everyone in line.”

    The swamp creatures are the inexperienced billionaries appointed by Trump, his kids, Kuschner, Bannon, DeVos, Perry and most of all himself. Excluding Kelly Trump for the most part has surrounded himself with a band of inept clowns.

  3. Jim. I think you’re right about Kelly and President’s confidence in him. However, I differ on the ‘reasoning’ of the “Big Switch” events. I never thought that Reince was there for any other reason than to ‘pay back’ the help he gave to bring the GOP establishment voters on board and as an initial ‘guide’ for set up. The “Mooch” was the clown brought in to keep Trump from having to oust establishment, knowing the next step was our fantastic ‘no nonsense general’. Trump is well schooled in the game of chess as well as the ‘art of the deal’ and his hiring skills may be weak, but you notice, he always pulls out an ace.

    Contrary to some beliefs….Trump does listen and is a quick study according to those that have acted as council to him before and after election.

    Your words must make an impression….I notice that Boston Native used them in his first comment…sans quotation marks.. 🙂

    I’ve given up on trying to count the shoes left to drop….such a great country we live in !!! Indeed, a very blessed one.

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