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FBI Raids Possible Abedin-linked home in Dearborn, MI – What we know

FBI agents and Department of Justice prosecutors raided a home possibly linked to former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin in Dearborn, Michigan last week.

The home on Jonathon Street is reportedly owned by a subsidiary of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs – an Abedin family business that employs Huma’s brother and sister. Huma had worked for the company in the past.

Agents only said that the raid was “a matter of national security,” and that Detroit FBI is working with agents on a case from “another state,” sparking Internet rumors that Hillary Clinton’s missing laptop, thumb drive and deleted emails were the targets.

Ex-FBI chief Andy Arena told the Detroit Free Press that the national security designation means one of two things.

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“It tells me it’s either a terrorism case, or B, an espionage spying case,” Arena said. As neighbors were not evacuated and no explosives clearing teams were used, counter-intelligence seems the likely answer. The search for Hillary Clinton’s emails would be considered just such a matter.

“They likely went in there looking for people or records or computers, cell phones, iPhones, those types of things,” Arena said.

Video from WXYZ-TV in Detroit showed agents removing boxes from the home.

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Several timing issues make the raid significant.

Huma’s husband, Anthony Weiner, pled guilty to one count of transferring obscene material to a minor in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on May 19, 2017. In the plea deal, Weiner was expected to receive up to 10 years in prison, but government prosecutors recommended just 21-27 months – a significant reduction. The judge is not required to follow their recommendation but is highly likely to do so. Huma Abedin filed for divorce from Weiner on that same day.

Last Wednesday, Weiner moved back into the family home and the couple renewed the lease for an additional year. Huma and Anthony allegedly met with top-level FBI agents just before moving back in together and reports say that Abedin never served Anthony with the divorce papers.

The home in Dearborn was raided the following day.

Was a deal struck between Huma and the DOJ to provide material evidence against Hillary in exchange for a lighter sentence, probation or house arrest? Who knows, but the timing is suspicious.

There are a multitude of stories about the raid and a dubious “bulletin” from Russia. Information in the bulletin disagrees with publicly available facts. The Foreign Intelligence Service SVR bulletin says that Weiner was indicted by a “secret grand jury.” First, Weiner was never indicted, he pled guilty to “information”, not an indictment. Second, grand juries are always empaneled in secret – nothing to see here.

What we know is that FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors raided a house possibly owned by an Abedin family business just one day after Huma and Anthony allegedly met with top FBI officials and that agents removed materials from the house as a matter of national security. Everything else is speculation.

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