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The Comey Shakespearean Senate Circus: Much Ado About Nothing

CNN has predicted that fired FBI Director James Comey would tell the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had never told President Donald Trump he was not under investigation. But in the actual hearings, Comey asserted that he did assure Trump, on three occasions, that he was not under any investigation by the FBI. Liberals across America wet themselves.

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) made a big deal of President Trump allegedly stating that Comey was doing a good job a week before Trump abruptly fired him, strongly suggesting a dishonest and nefarious intention on Trump’s part. Neither the good Senator nor any other Democrat ever made a case of blatant lying, nefarious intent nor false statements to the American people on Barack Obama’s part when he repeatedly promised that we could all keep our plans and our doctors under Obamacare.

In spite of Comey confirming, under oath, that he told Trump that he is not under any FBI investigation, liberals are now claiming with hopeful, pretend certainty that President Trump is now or soon to be under criminal investigation by the FBI. The fool Democrats simply will not let up on their insistence and their political need for Trump to be in legal trouble. The verbal twisting and turning that these fool professional Trump-haters are forced to undergo to arrive at this unbelievable conclusion is painful to watch.

Amid James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday, people are increasingly staking money on President Donald Trump failing to complete his four-year term, though either impeachment or him resigning.

For Democrats to oppose Trump politically is proper and understandable, but for them to repeatedly insist that he is under criminal investigation when there have been no such charges brought and there has been no evidence of illegality borders on insanity on the part of Democrats.

What has brought this great nation to this twilight-zone of idiotic political endeavor? Unbridled liberalism is the cause and it’s gradually eating itself into oblivion.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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