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Bill O’Reilly is fighting back against those who got him fired [video]

Bill O’Reilly told Newsmax TV’s John Bachman Thursday night that he expects legal action against Media Matters and others that organized the assault on his sponsors that ultimately led to his departure from Fox News.

George Soros-backed Media Matters for America used a still-unsubstantiated claim of sexual harassment against Bill O’Reilly to begin an online campaign to kill his Fox News show. Media Matters mentioned the now forgotten allegation then listed all of O’Reilly’s sponsors and urged activists to call sponsors and get them to leave the show.

“This was no accident our sponsors were attacked. This is very well organized,” Bill said. “They tried to with Hannity. Hannity actually fought back. I didn’t. I should have. For reasons that I cannot explain now, I did not. He lost a few, but they stopped. So, he was successful in fighting off the attack.”

“I want to let the legal people handle this. I do believe there will be litigation, so I’m going to let them take the lead and then after it’s out, then I’ll comment further on it,” O’Reilly explained. “We’re going to drop it in the next few weeks, and it’s really, really stunning how organized that was and what these people did.”

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  1. Good reporting, very fair and factual. A thing most of the left wing radical news media should learn to do.

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