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Trump: ‘Twitter is a way to circumvent’ the media

Donald trump tweeting

Donald Trump uses social media to get his message out when he feels that traditional media isn’t getting the job done. When asked by reporters about his tweeting on foreign policy, the commander-in-chief said that Twitter is “the way to go.”

Donald Trump is besieged by a media that is intent on destroying his presidency. Despite his accomplishments, the media paints only an embarrassing picture of a failed leader. Trump has figured out how to fight back.

“Social media is the way to go. I’ve got over 100 m people watching,” the president said.  “This way if somebody is not treating me properly Twitter is a way to sort of circumvent.”

President Trump sees social media as a defensive mechanism and a positive promotional tool. “I really think it helped today with health care. It’s a great way to communicate and it’s a modern way to communicate,” he said.

Trump uses social media with extreme effectiveness. His large audience and non-politically correct style make for tweets that say everything in very few words. His personal account, @realDonaldTrump has 23.7 million followers while his White House account, @potus, has another 16.9 million people seeing his every tweet and Facebook adds millions more.

Some criticize the tweeter-in-chief for his unedited, un-think tanked, and not-focus-grouped messaging. But his supporters think he should do more of it as they see the medium like he does – an end-around on the media.

Working class families don’t see social justice, micro-aggression, gender non-conformity or trans-racialism as a major issue in their lives. Trump uses social media to let those voters know that he understands that they want jobs, health care they can actually afford and less government in their lives.

That message is lost on today’s journalists who are still stuck in a rut trying desperately to find the next story involving black lives matter, illegal immigrant deportation or a nasty conservative appearing on a college campus.

Instead, President Trump just tweets the stuff that matters:

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