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Liberal Press Conducts News By “Pile-On”

Since Donald Trump became president the liberal media has been going from one anti-Trump news concentration/attack to the next, which one can think of as “news by pile-on”.

From Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, to the Russian hacking of the DNC, to the selection of Trump’s cabinet, to the Russian collusion charge to the alleged leak of classified information by Trump to the Russian ambassador, the liberal press is trying to bury Trump under an avalanche of false charges, one after another in a highly concentrated method, and always of a nature that charges Trump with being a very bad man, or a stupid man, or an incompetent man, and then on to another charge tomorrow. This of course gives the impression that Trump is a terrible person and the left hopes that public opinion will drive him from office.

On the liberal attack side of the equation, each news organization breathlessly repeats what another news organization has said, thereby generating the impression that if everyone is saying these bad things about Trump, they must be true. But in the opinion of any thinking person, the similarity of press releases appear to be a RICO information sharing undercover operation by the news organizations where they all illegally collude to get the goods on Trump so he’ll resign. If Ford and General Motors colluded to produce the same products and thereby eliminate competition between the companies, this could get them in trouble under the RICO laws, but this colluding is exactly what the leftist news organizations are doing, and no one seems to care.

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