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Forget Russian Collusion, What About The Press/Democrat Collusion?

The pressing issue of our time, according to the liberal press, is not a nuclear North Korea nor the Iranians developing a nuclear device, it’s the unconfirmed, political charge that Donald Trump somehow colluded with the Russians in defeating Hillary in the last presidential election. And the liberal press continues this diatribe in spite of nearly a year of multi-agency investigations that have produced no evidence at all of such a fictitious collusion.

How is an investigation begun with no evidence of wrongdoing, as with the current Russia thing, and how is an investigation continued when it produces no evidence of a wrongdoing having been committed after a year of delving into the issue? The only thing that started the investigation was the illegal outing of General Flynn by the Obama administration, and the only thing keeping the politically motivated investigation going is the liberal, Trump-hating press and Democrats like Chuck Schumer insisting that stopping the non-productive investigation would be covering up a national security crime. This is all pure liberal, Democrat filth.

But I would interject that a larger point of concern for the welfare of our nation than any colluding Donald Trump or his staff might have done is the hand-in-glove, unconstitutional collusion between the Democrat Party and their cheering squad in the liberal press.

How can a Democracy continue to exist when one party is supported by the constitutionally protected press with its first amendment protections, and the opposing party is daily denigrated and attacked by the liberal press? How can the press honestly report on the actions and policies of the Democrat Party when the relationship between these two entities is so incestuous and anti-Republican?

The intention of the First amendment to the constitution was to ensure that the voting public heard both sides of an issue from the press, and the press/Democrat collusion perverts that necessary effort to provide balanced news reports from occurring, and this relationship threatens the civility, if not the very existence and continuation, of this great nation.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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