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Democrats Are In The Process Of Defeating Themselves

So now the Democrats have the special council they demanded to investigate the numerous lies about Trump and Russia, and one suspects that they may have been too clever for their own good. Have they never heard the phrase: “Be careful what you ask for”? Once this new investigative council gets rolling one would not be surprised if he found a Hillary or an Obama to point a prosecutorial finger at for their many offenses against America.

Democrats seem to be daily trying to hang themselves. One should consider these two Democrat charges and what became of them:
Donald Trump tried to stop James Comey from investigating the Russia charge.
Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice.

Charge number one is just plain stupid on its face because James Comey was not personally investigating anything, his staff was, and with both the House and the Senate holding their own investigations into the Russia deal, even if Comey had agreed to halt all work on this subject, investigations would have continued. And keep in mind, if there had been any corroborating evidence of Donald Trump or his staff doing anything wrong with Russia, the Democrats would have been crowing their heads off, and one notices that they have been silent lately, except to demand a special prosecutor, which they now have, and which they may regret asking for.

Charge number two was a wholly made-up lie from the Democrats, which they repeatedly spoke and printed and are now having to eat.

So let’s look at the hole Democrats are digging for themselves:
They lie repeatedly with fantasy charges that only prove to the American people how desperate they are to defeat the Donald Trump who buried their latest candidate in the dust and is now undoing the legacy of their just-retired hero, Barack Obama. The entire nation is witnessing the Democrat party destroy itself with violence, screaming and lying charges against the person Americans just elected to be president, and they are sick of what they see.

Once this new council gets started there is no way to know where the investigation will take him, and remembering the fifteen minutes of charges that Comey listed against Hillary before he decided not to prosecute her, and keeping in mind the massive number of Republican political candidates that Barack Obama illegally surveilled, there may be some surprises in store for Democrats that will make them rue the day they insisted on this independent council.

One sincerely hopes the insane Democrats continue their uncontrolled actions because they are digging a deep hole for themselves and their party in which to live for a long time.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Well let’s hope we can also fill the hole up once they can’t get out of it and be done with democrats FOR-EVER!!!

    Proverbs 19:9

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