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Democrat Party Security Overrides National Security

Democrats are more concerned about their party’s electoral security than they are about America’s national security. All you have to do is recall the open mic a few years ago that captured President Obama’s plea to the Russian Prime Minister, asking him to appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to give Obama a little more time to get re-elected and then he would be able to give Putin whatever he wanted related to the missile systems in Eastern Europe that Putin wanted removed. The liberal press cared not a whit about this very serious security violation what could endanger Europe and America, but let one Washington Post fool reporter generate an article about Donald Trump, not for violating national security but just allegedly discussing the two-year old bombing of a Russian aircraft, and you’d think the world had come to an end, with all of the usual liberal press suspects demanding in unison that we need to “get to the bottom of this”, with no real evidence that the security violation occurred, and in spite of statements from all parties to the meeting that the questionable event did not happen.

And compare, if you will, this imagined, fictitious security slip of President Trump against the solid case the FBI had against Hillary Clinton for the secrets she revealed to the world with her illegal email server and you‘ll understand the desperation the left is in to stop Donald Trump from making the necessary changes he promised during the presidential campaign. They’ll to anything, and tell any lie, to keep Trump from doing the things, like tax reform and building the wall, that the American citizens want of him and elected him to do.

The President of the United States cannot maintain adequate national security if he is constantly being distracted by a lying press and their fictitious charges. And with our enemies watching our national game of Trump-abuse and seeing weakness coming from the leftist press and their serial lies, our national security suffers along with our embarrassment at the pettiness and corruption of Trump‘s detractors.

All the liberal Democrats and their in-beds (and I do mean “in bed“) in the national press corps care about is the furtherance of their leftist agenda and the security of their political power and their anti-American message, and if they have to injure and undermine the security of the nation to achieve that end, they will. Someone needs to “get to the bottom” of this unholy alliance between an American political party and the constitutionally protected leftist press that is supposed to be impartial and independent, and put a halt to the one-sided reporting that the Democrats call “news”.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. AAaaa-men!

    The True head of this SNAKE is the Globalist organization – the helmet-spring of Edward House and Allan Dulles – nearly 100 years ago; the Council on Foreign Relations. Note that Dulles was also instrumental in launching the CIA out of the OSS and was the first and longest serving head of the CIA. And now what is the CIA doing? Exactly what they were built to do – undermine our own government! They are the Deep State instrument of this war on DJT and EVERY Single American who wants their corrupt HEAD destroyed!

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