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There’s a Media Blackout on Big Stories Involving WikiLeaks and CrowdStrike

In a piece of extremely newsworthy information that hasn’t been picked up by any of the major establishment media outlets, WikiLeaks has just published the latest installment in the Vault 7 series on CIA cyber chicanery.

The new release focuses on the CIA’s ability to disguise cyber attacks and to eliminate any signs that the agency may have been the source. The source code files that the whistleblower organization published also allow for the attribution of attacks to foreign sources like Iran, China and Russia.

The Marble files are the centerpiece of what should be a huge story in the press given the potential ramifications to the plot to permanently remove President Donald Trump from the White House and yet there is a complete blackout once again bringing into question what the true agenda of the media really is.

That agenda is a threat to the future of America and underlines Trump’s attacks on the fake news peddlers which are acting as an opposition force hostile to democracy and hellbent at bringing about a domestic color revolution that could provide a case to reverse the results of the election if “proof” can be manufactured that it was illegitimate due to Russian meddling.

This is not as far-fetched as one may imagine and recently was the focus of an article in the elite Atlantic magazine that floated a trial balloon for the use of Continuity of Government provisions to unseat both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Hillary Clinton henchman Peter Daou said as much during an extended Twitter rant last Sunday. So it’s definitely on the minds of the forces determined to destroy Trump and their Deep State allies.

According to Wikileaks:

It’s understandable why big media would effectively censor the WikiLeaks document dump given the ongoing efforts to attribute the mysterious hacking of the DNC to the Russians.

That narrative already suffered a major blow after the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike which was working for the DNC at the time of the hacks was forced to walk back claims that offered the smoking gun that the same group “Fancy Bear” was responsible for a breach of Ukrainian military systems that caused a massive loss of artillery in the ongoing hostilities with Russia.

Only it didn’t happen that way.

The Voice of America – hardly a propaganda arm of the Kremlin – undermined the credibility of the very company that was supposed to be so accurate that the FBI didn’t even need to examine the servers at the DNC with its blockbuster “Think Tank: Cyber Firm at Center of Russian Hacking Charges Misread Data”.

An influential British think tank and Ukraine’s military are disputing a report that the U.S. cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has used to buttress its claims of Russian hacking in the presidential election.

The CrowdStrike report, released in December, asserted that Russians hacked into a Ukrainian artillery app, resulting in heavy losses of howitzers in Ukraine’s war with Russian-backed separatists.

But the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) told VOA that CrowdStrike erroneously used IISS data as proof of the intrusion. IISS disavowed any connection to the CrowdStrike report. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense also has claimed combat losses and hacking never happened.

A CrowdStrike spokesperson told VOA that it stands by its findings, which, they say, “have been confirmed by others in the cybersecurity community.”

The challenges to CrowdStrike’s credibility are significant because the firm was the first to link last year’s hacks of Democratic Party computers to Russian actors, and because CrowdStrike co-founder Dimiti Alperovitch has trumpeted its Ukraine report as more evidence of Russian election tampering.

Alperovitch has said that variants of the same software were used in both hacks.

Days later CrowdStrike rewrote the questionable part of the report:

But like WikiLeaks, the CrowdStrike revision didn’t merit a peep from our intrepid guardians of freedom in the press.

Both stories have the potential to poison the well for the Democrats and their allies who are using the DNC hacking as the foundation of their “proof” that the Russians stole the election from Hillary but that foundation now appears to rest upon a quicksand bog.

It’s inexcusable that big media would black out important stories like this while continuing to saturate the airwaves and newspapers with deceptive coverage of innuendo, leaks and outright lies directed at Trump but that’s how a weaponized propaganda delivery system works. It almost seems as though the infamous CIA media influence program Operation Mockingbird is alive and well today.

The Vault 7 material released to this point is only a fraction of what WikiLeaks claims to possess and eventually some if it will likely be so damning that the media will no longer be able to censor it.

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