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Sanctuary For Criminals Is A Policy Of Liberal Crap

A liberal Democrat mouthpiece appeared on Fox News recently and said that Chiefs of Police across America support sanctuary cities as a good policy to practice for illegal aliens, and she did not exclude people who are suspects of actual crimes from being protected by this bad liberal idea of sanctuary.

I’d like to test this great idea for handling people illegally in our nation: Do Chiefs of Police across the nation believe that American citizens suspected of crimes should receive shelter from their crimes? If not, why not? And what’s the difference between alien criminals and citizen criminals? Why give non-citizens more consideration and forgiveness for their crimes than we give a citizen?

Only Democrats, who look at race, ethnicity and gender before they engage their minds and consider facts and logic, would expound in favor of giving sanctuary to people known to be suspects of crimes, and when caught supporting such idiotic policy, they double down and claim to want more of the same misguided behavior.

The truth is in direct contradiction to what liberals believe and try to convince the nation of: If a nation enforces its laws and doesn’t allow criminals to hide from the law, the nation ends up being a safer place to live and raise a family. It may be the case that some Chiefs of Police, in sanctuary cities, favor the idea of sanctuary, but it’s only to protect their jobs, and the cities they represent are doubtless run by liberal Democrat mayors and the city is probably swamped by crime, like Chicago, for exactly the loony left idea that criminals should be lightly punished, if they are punished at all.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Chicago can’t deal with the ‘citizen’ criminal…..Did I sleep through the part where ‘sworn oaths to protect’ were scrapped retroactive? Guess it’s right, words are just words…(empty vessels that make noise)

    AMNESTY is not only forgiving a crime, but encourages law breaking
    LAW ENFORCEMENT….prevents crime and chaos

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