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Russians, Nunes and other shiny things…

The House investigation into allegations that Donald Trump asked President Putin to interfere in the 2016 election has been rendered useless by democrats and the media.

Reporters are focused on who let House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes onto the White House grounds, who he met with and other irrelevant details while ignoring admissions and proof that the intelligence community surveilled Americans and publicly released that information.

The important facts are that National Security Council officials found damning classified documents during the normal course of their duties, called the head of the congressional committee investigating such things and he showed up to review what they found. So…. Rep. Nunes did his job and that’s been THE news for the entire week!

Ok, let’s assume Nunes was being sneaky in his visit to the executive building.

Friday,  Rep. Adam Schiff, the top democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, accepted an invitation by White House staff to view National Security Counsel intelligence on surveillance of Team Trump.

Schiff reviewed the information and upon exiting the White House grounds … had nothing to say.

Hmm, so when a democrat takes the call, shows up, reviews materials and doesn’t immediately share his new knowledge with the world and his committee .. that’s ok?

The documents Rep. Schiff viewed likely contained everything Rep. Devin Nunes saw last week and more.

If intelligence documents clearly showed that Donald Trump spoke with Putin and coordinated the fall of Hillary’s utterly awful campaign, Schiff would have come out of the White House with his hair on fire – instead … crickets.

Mr. Schiff has been the consummate party man during this sham of an investigation.  Schiff has kept the media focus on Russia while evidence points at his party having illegally surveilled American citizens and releasing classified information.

The House investigation is reportedly “stalled” having made no progress since the Nunes revelations. In reality, the investigation is halted because Democrats cannot and will not allow it to conclude that the failed, former president of the United States, Barack Obama, directed the illegal surveillance and unmasking of private U.S. citizens.

The media is complicit in this ‘new red scare‘ obfuscation of the facts. While former top Obama officials appear on-air admitting to gathering and disseminating intelligence on Team Trump, the media defended the admitted conspirator.

The media and democrats are co-conspirators in the use of the fake Russia collusion story as they attempt to cover-up the Obama administration efforts that spied on, collected intelligence and released collected information on American citizens .. just .. like .. you.

Every news story on the “Rusia” investigations must now be viewed with skepticism. The alleged collusion and overhyped scorn of Rep. Nunes are shiny things meant to distract the public from another Obama administration abuse of power that, this time, involved the intelligence community.

President Obama had aimed the IRS at conservative groups, the EPA at America’s energy and the Department of Justice at firearms manufacturers and retailers all which revealed the unethical, immoral and illegal extents to which the lefty leader would go to further his ideological agenda. Why is it so difficult to believe that he would tap American intelligence officials to spy on a political opponent? What would it take for people to believe that it had happened – an on-air admission of guilt like THIS ONE?

Nah.. even with White House Press Secretary pointing out the media’s obsession with the Russia story, of which no proof has surfaced, they cannot be bothered to cover the actual scandal.

But hey, even the Russians have a sense of humor about the democrats oddly-crafted Russia distraction…

Russian foreign ministry voice menu joke1

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