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Spicer excoriates reporters for defending Obama official who admitted intelligence leaks

During Friday’s briefing, White House Press Secretary denounced reporters’ attempts to defend a former top Obama administration official who admitted on-air to having coordinated the collection and dissemination of Trump surveillance.

NPR’s Tamara Keith began the defense by pointing out that Dr. Evelyn Farkas had left the administration in 2015. Spicer pointed out just why that made things even worse…

As Spicer continues, another unidentified voice reminds Spicer that Dr. Farkas is a “former” Obama administration official to which Sean responds, “all Obama administration officials generally are.”

The press secretary asks reporters why they are so focused on inane details of Rep. Nunes visit to the Executive Building but aren’t following up on the genuine and startling revelations in the Farkas story.

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  1. You know… If the White House reporters aren’t even going to perform to the same level as your average high school newspaper reporter, maybe it’s time for the Press Secretary to officially (and publicly) ask their various news organizations to replace them.

  2. Farkas and Gruber…would there be any way that we could carve those names onto the forehead of each and every Communist/Democrat?? Then as they co-mingle, they’d be forced to see the filth and decay of their party people.

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