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Even Glenn Beck Falls For The Hate-Trump Lies

Glenn Beck recently played an anti-Trump audio clip on his radio program in which Trump is heard making a variety of statements about NAFTA. The president alternately states that he will not renegotiate NAFTA, that he will renegotiate NAFTA, he will walk away from NAFTA, etc. Beck used the recordings, probably packaged by CNN, to indicate that Trump is indecisive.

Glenn then played a follow-up clip of some liberal mouthpiece stating that Trump is guided hourly and daily guided by his advisors. The tape asserts that Trump has no personal idea of what he’ll do or how he’ll do it. What liberals will never admit, and very likely are unable to understand, is that Donald Trump uses the good-cop, bad cop attitude to confuse the entities he is negotiating with.

Let’s look at how Barack Obama negotiated. With the nuclear agreement with Iran, we knew all along that he favored the Mullahs and would give them everything they demanded with no negotiations necessary. Also, Barry threw in a cargo plane full of various nations’ currencies to sweeten the deal. And when it came to military matters, Obama always told ISIS what he was going to do and when he was going to do it allowing them to be somewhere else when the attack came. But I suppose the liberal press thought that Obama was magnificent in his decisiveness, even if his military advisors were against this method and even though Obama’s results, after eight years of fighting one war after another, was a total failure.

President Trump keeps his adversaries off balance by stating that he will go one way on Monday and another way on Wednesday. By Friday, he might pretend not to care about the subject. That’s the way Trump operates. He’s accomplished much with that approach so far. But the anti-Trump hecklers in the press chalk up such maneuvers to his being weak and indecisive, and they couldn’t be more mistaken.

Just look at what President Trump’s rhetoric has produced. After making conflicting statements about NAFTA, the leaders of both Mexico and Canada called and appealed to him begin negotiations with them soon. Members of the anti-Trump press phrased this sudden turn of events with Mexico and Canada with phrases like “Donald Trump admits he backed down” and “Trump agrees to negotiate with Canada and Mexico–for now”, when the actual truth is that Trump holds the winning hand over both nations and now they are likely to negotiate with him on a fair and level basis in which America can win for a change. On military matters, Trump got world acclaim for his missile attack on Syria, and China is making inroads in getting North Korea to halt their nuclear program and stop testing explosive devices and delivery missiles designed to hit California and Hawaii.

Donald Trump’s successful and proven negotiating skills are winners, where, by contrast, the long-standing Washington establishment’s “Statecraft” has proven itself to be a loser because it’s too slow, allows our enemies to gain favorable positions to our disadvantage and has measurably hurt America over the last twenty years or so, and this must change.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. This is typical Glen Beck! He’s more about self and controversy than conservative. I had the opportunity to work with Debra Medina as a candidate for Texas Governor & arranged for he to have on air interview, the lines of questions were clearly established…..just not followed and her mic was cut numerous times…..grateful as I am for his 9-12 Project promotion…His headlines come first. Apparently I am not alone in thinking this….his radio program in this area was canceled Sorry, his ‘beauty’ is only skin deep.

    A man like Trump is smart enough not to lock his brain in one room…he listens and continues to learn


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