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Are Republicans Afraid Of A Government Shut-Down?

Republicans have forever been fearful of a government shutdown because even when the Democrats are responsible, they and their pals in the liberal press always blame the Republicans, and the Republicans always either sit and take the abuse, or they crumble and go along with the Democrat increases in big-government spending and wasteful expenditures in order to protect their backsides and get the liberal press off their butts.

But one wonders why Republicans have not heard of Donald Trump’s “lying press” campaign and the mincemeat he’s made of the press by going on the offensive against these liberal liars. Why are they unable to learn from the Trump campaign, which itself was a miracle, and ride his coattails to victory over the liberals using his tactics?

The current budget dealings that Republicans fear this time around, has them quaking in their boots because the Democrats will not allow money to be budgeted for Trump’s border wall, and Democrats will not allow any redundant or unneeded, wasteful expenditures to be cut out of the budget as the government runs out of money. Republicans know that Democrats and the press have traditionally blamed them for a government shutdown when such an impasse has occurred, but that was then and this is now, and now Republicans have the example of the Trump machine to guide them.

Now the Republicans have a successful President to work with, and President Trump has proven that he will stand up for better government and will not just go along to get along, so they have an experienced ally in the Oval Office. Donald Trump was elected in an impossible campaign in which he promised to build the wall, cut taxes and reduce wasteful spending, all of which he’s moved forward on very early in his administration; so how would he react, and how will the American electorate who elected him react, if the Democrats in their stubbornness and big spending style, cause the shutdown that Republicans fear? They’ll be mad at Democrats, as long as the complete story is told.

Trump’s dealings with the lying press have been a major plus in his first two months in office, and he would be glad to again attack and expose their lies if they try to blame Republicans for a new shutdown. Thinking people encourage the Republicans to allow a shutdown if Democrats insist on the same old tired, big-government policies. What else can one suspect of the residents of the swamp?

Republicans supposedly want to drain the swamp that liberal Democrats thrive in, so let the government shutdown and then give a daily account of how little it really causes any pain and suffering for productive, working citizens. This is a winning policy for Republicans, unless Republicans are actually complicit with Democrats as the nation charges toward bankruptcy and if they really don’t want to make much needed economic and immigration changes to save our children’s futures. The American citizens are watching.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Republican leadership just wants to exist.They are part of the swamp…just like the Democrats.Republican leadership relishes being out of power since they have built in excuses for doing nothing. When they have the dominant role in congress they scurry like bugs when the media shine a spot lite on them and publishes more fake news.

  2. “The Blame Game” will continue swamp or no swamp. I’ts natures way of dividing and departmentalizing our ’employees’. These ‘groups’ or cliques circle the wagons and plug their ears . Ignoring the fact that there are two political parties and all are Americans that they took an oath to serve us(before)themselves and their congressional buddies. I keep hearing ‘we have a plan’….just not what it is….this is followed by telling us all that is wrong about others instead of ‘selling’ their ideas…. So WHO’S FAULT IS IT?

    IT’S OURS….We elected and re-elected these men and women…

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