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Trump Check: Judges Behaving Badly Must Be Impeached And Removed

Most people reading this piece are as angry as I am about the liberal Federal Judges blocking President Donald Trump’s much-needed immigration ban. There are two large problems with their committing this unconstitutional act: The Judges are behaving in contradiction to the constitution by getting involved in executive branch matters, and in the instance of Judge James Robart, he didn’t even base his unconstitutional decision on the law, but rather he expressed his personal disagreement with the President’s order based on his leftist attitude and grade school logic. Federal Judges cannot be allowed to get away with this kind of misbehavior. Americans voted for Donald Trump to be their President and we want him to get the respect due a President.

Below is a suggested statement that everyone should mail or paste into an email to their legislators to let them know how angry we are at the liberal judges who are blocking Trump’s legal, constitutional and much needed orders, and these rogue judges, in their splendid ignorance, are potentially inviting more terrorist attacks on America. But whether you use my suggestion or create one of your own, we must show our support for President Trump and our contempt for activist judges:


Dear Mr. /Ms. Legislator,

Seattle Judge James Robart recently blocked the urgently needed Immigration ban issued by President Trump. Judge Robart issued his ban unconstitutionally and involved himself in matters specifically reserved to the Executive branch of government. I want all liberal, activist judges behaving unconstitutionally removed from the bench, and I want to start by having you, my Legislator, tale the lead and begin impeachment proceedings against Judge Robart and any of the Ninth Circuit Court who voted to back his ban. This lawlessness must be stopped, and I want you to take leadership on this most serious matter.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. I found this as maddening as you did, Dave…But was flabbergasted and angry when addressing the panel of liberal minus 1 panel of ‘judges’ that the DOJ attorney DID NOT even hint, much less site the law that allows a president to impose ‘whatever’ ban deemed necessary to protect the country.

    (as I understand it) All of most Federal Judges are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the President. Also believe Congress has approval on some levels ????

    Our President Trump has his plate overflowing…If we want him to succeed then we, too, must commit to helping him in some way even if it’s a note of encouragement. Address ‘both’ party Senators with your thought and remind them, they are your employee

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