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With Friends Like These….


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Recently two of Trump’s top supporters have come out criticizing him. Sarah Palin who is being considered for a post in his administration with veteran’s affairs called Trump’s baling out Carrier’s employees “crony capitalism” and Ann Coulter who said Trump was going to sell out on immigration.. I don’t care how he did it as long as he did what he did to save those Carrier people. He did the same with Ford. He did in one phone call more than Obama did in eight years. He’s showing Obama that he’s not the only one with a pen and phone. Whatever it takes. If I were Trump I would tell Palin that if she is going to criticize him like that she can forget about having a post in his administration.

Even before taking office he’s started making good on his promises to convince employers it is in their best interest to make their products here in the United States. Last month he convinced Ford to keep at least one of their production lines here in the United States by simply using his bully pulpit and his cell phone. This week he convinced Carrier to keep as many as 1,000 jobs here in the United States. How did he do it? He used the leverage of the Federal government — want those lucrative government contracts? You better make your stuff here in the United States. We’ll help you with tax relief, but you’ve got to make more of your products in America. Wall Street is taking notice and as a result the stock market is on a tear. Goldman Sachs says EVERY sector will experience a windfall as a result of Trump’s election. It is breathtaking. The real beneficiaries? American  workers. https://medium.com/startup-muse/trump-is-the-first-startup-president-70ceabf10a7b#.fky8bz882

Now Ann Coulter is jumping into the fray saying Trump is going to sell out on immigration.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s strong support of President-electDonald Trump may be faltering.

The Wrap reports that “Coulter appears to be angry over Trump backing off his campaign promise to build a wall around the United States as part of his immigration policy.”

On Friday, she responded to someone on Twitter who expressed concernabout Republicans’ forthcoming work on immigration.

Coulter tweeted back, “Sounds like the big sell-out is coming. Oh well. The voters did what we could. If Trump sells out, it’s not our fault.”  Ann Coulter says Trump may ‘sell out’ on immigration  – AOL News

When Trump rallied Americans around the idea of building a wall he was speaking both metaphorically and literally. Metaphorically, he was tapping into the frustration that 92% of Americans and 64% of Hispanicshave regarding illegal immigration. Literally, he was simply suggesting we complete the border fence that BOTH Obama and Clinton voted to build.

Trump knows that we could begin to solve the immigration problem if we simply enforced our existing immigration laws — hardly a groundbreaking proposal. . Trump doesn’t care about a wall — he cares about stemming the tide of illegal immigration and he’ll do whatever works — just like a startup would.

We’re not going to agree on every issue, but perhaps we call be happy whenever we do have a win. For example, there are 1200 people in Indiana that will have a job on Christmas morning because Trump cared enough to get on the phone to save their jobs. This is a good thing, right? What if Trump just keeps doing things to help Americans? Would that be so bad?

Trump is disrupting government at a time when it’s long over due. He doesn’t give a damn about the D.C. rules or being PC as to dignify the position and guess what, he is already making a profound difference before he even takes the oath, having already saved jobs and making every CEO in America rethink their cost structure. Companies can’t wait for a lower tax that should stimulate shareholder returns and yes add more jobs. Even STEM positions will be more widely available to Americans. He is getting his hands dirty like a start-up CEO should do in his first year and forcing or incentivizing companies to keep jobs here in the US where it benefits all other American’s, not just the workers in certain states. https://medium.com/startup-muse/trump-is-the-first-startup-president-70ceabf10a7b#.fky8bz882

Just this week Trump told Sean Hannity the wall will be built and I read that it will start in March. Also Ann the wall is not “around the United States,” but just along the southern border. President-elect Donald Trump has begun the transition process, and a source close with the transition team told The Daily Caller that keeping a key promise of his campaign platform — building a wall along the U.S. southern border — will begin in March. The source said that Trump’s team has major spending negotiations planned with Congress in March to fund the wall via Mexico — directly or indirectly. Some of the ways that Trump has proposed to make Mexico pay for the border wall have included increased fees for visas and border crossing cards, enforcement of trade tariffs and taxes on remittances. Great Wall of America Construction to Begin March 2017

I think Ann is a brilliant writer, but many times she acts like a complete airhead as does Palin. Don‘t these two women realize that by  making statements like this just plays in the hands of  the opposition and it is they who are  selling out not Trump.

Meanwhile   Hillary supporters are reacting to their statements saying “We tried to warn you all.” I guess they don’t realize that Hillary was in favor of doing away with our northern and southern borders and in favor of a “hemispheric government” which is a George Soros plan in his quest for a united on world global government.

Yes Trump doesn’t need supporters who criticize him in this manner. To sarcastically paraphrase an old saying,  “With friends like this who needs enemas?”


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  1. Trump won the election thanks to conservative voters. He is not a staunch conservative and we must hold his feet to the fire of conservatism. We should be just as vocal with him, as we have been to Obama, the insane! It appears that he may be testing the resolve of conservatives by entertaining and floating the ‘establishment types’ as appointees and we should make a lot of noise over such.

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