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It’s Refreshing To Know That Obama Doesn’t Exclusively Lie To And Talk Down To American Citizens

Not that it gives an American citizen any warm and fuzzy feelings, but hearing Obama lie and scold the entire nation of Israel and call them fools for not understanding Obama’s illogical speeches and practices at least lets we citizens know we have company in the broader world out there. But we stupid citizens caught hell from our president before anyone else.

We were told we were stupid for not appreciating having our healthcare insurance plans and our doctors unconstitutionally taken from us by a rabid leftist government. We were told we were too stupid to appreciate the wisdom of our great leader and his devastatingly ignorant nuke deal with Iran. We were told that we were just racists for opposing a total opening of our southern border to any illegal who wished to come here. We were told that we were too stupid to understand Obama’s “strategic patience” with North Korea as they built a nuclear device and the missile to deliver it. We were told that we were too stupid to understand the wisdom and the strategic planning that Obama invested in his “containment” of ISIS, and not their total destruction, as they raped and killed their way across the Middle East and beyond. Americans are still being told that we are stupidly xenophobic for not wanting Syrian “refugees” to be settled here when we have been warned that there will be terrorists smuggled in amongst their numbers.

So to our relief, Obama and John Kerry have now begun to pick on the Jewish state to unload their bile (ordinarily attacking a Jew would be a hate crime, but not when a properly credentialed liberal/progressive Democrat is doing it). So now it’s stupid of Israel to not want to “negotiate” with the Palestinians who want Israel wiped off the face of the earth. John Kerry called Israel stupid for insisting that they could be “Jewish or democratic, but not both”. What the hell is this fool man talking about? Israel has been Jewish AND democratic since its founding, and it even had a vast number of Arabs living peacefully and profitably in the Jewish state, some of whom were even Israeli citizens, until the Arab radicals began bombing and stabbing Jews in random attacks, at which time they established the Gaza Strip as a containment vehicle in which to keep Arabs in order to protect Israeli citizens. And the wall around Gaza worked to keep Israel safe for Israelis, just as a wall along America’s southern border will keep America safe from those who wish Americans ill. But the Obama administration abuses the stupid citizens of the U.S. for wanting Trump’s wall built to protect our southern border.

And Mr. Kerry’s insistence on a “two-state solution” is a little late in coming, because the two-state solution has already been fulfilled: Israeli and the Palestinians are living side-by-side, divided by a fence, case closed. Most thinking people recognize the need for a nation to protect its citizens from random attacks and killings, but liberals, and especially liberal Democrats working in the Obama administration, will not give Israel credit for constructing their wall only after enduring decades of attacks from Palestinians within the open state of Israel, and finally Israel felt the need to protect its citizens by constructing a wall separating Jews from Arabs in order to protect themselves. And for John Kerry to pretend that the Gaza Strip is a prison forcing the people residing there to live miserable, impoverished lives is a total lie. Gaza is a beach-front community with shopping malls selling Gucci and Saville Row products, and if the residents there would stop threatening Israel and Jews with death, they could live very pleasant lives and the wall would likely, eventually, come down. But the Arab hate for Israel, which is shared by John Kerry and Barack Obama, is forcing Israel to keep the murdering Arab element locked away from the decent citizens of Israel.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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