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Democrats Try To Outrun Their Fraud And Fake News Policies

After years of Democrats ignoring the evidence of vote fraud committed on a grand scale in Democrat controlled cities like Chicago where thousands of dead people vote in every election, they are suddenly jumping on board the fraud train following Donald Trump’s shocking election victory over Hillary Clinton. Fraud is the only way Democrats and the press can explain their shellacking in the most recent presidential election, and they see no risk of possibly exposing their own fraud, if only they can find at least one or two fraudulent votes for Trump, which they feel certain they can blow out of all proportion and make a major case of in an attempt to deny Trump the victory he legitimately won.

But our leftist Democrats and their allies in the press are only overtaxing their saliva glands, because Trump won fair and square. It’s refreshing to see the perpetrators of massive vote fraud get it in the shorts when their opponents wipe them out with real votes from real voters, and then try to tarnish the winner with accusations of fraud that go absolutely nowhere.

Good job, America.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Did you talk to some democrats about why they are doing this? Did they tell you they plan to “find at least one or two fraudulent votes for Trump, which they feel certain they can blow out of all proportion and make a major case of in an attempt to deny Trump the victory he legitimately won”? They’d have to find a lot more.

    I agree that the recounts are problematic, but can you stop with the divisive inflammatory rhetoric and report on the issues instead of just trying to get people up in arms over something by making false conjectures? Perhaps using the time you spent writing this to do real research would be a better use of your time.

  2. What Jill Stein was trying to do is have slow recounts in enough states Trump won to take his total below 270 electoral votes where they wouldn’t be through until AFTER 13 December so that those electors would not be able to vote for Trump. In the recounts so far Clinton has lost more than she gained. Ask yourself why there was no recounts in states Clinton won requested by Stein. If you are honest with yourself, the answer is obvious. That was the only obvious reason; they knew that Clinton wasn’t going to win those states in a recount.

  3. Dave, your statements about voter fraud on the part of Democrats and their backer Georgie Sor-ros are substantiated. I have acquaintances who literally saw their votes being flipped. At least in New Jersey. And I have friends “connected” who tell me of Sor-ros voting machines (planted in key states) that hide I.C. chips within common chips (made in Taiwan) that activate only during a specified period of time so that they cannot be detected before or after that time. The purpose of the chip is to flip votes just enough to keep the desired party ahead by 1 or 2 %. There has been plenty of hard evidence of voter fraud on the part of Democrats in past elections and covert admission by certain DNC officials and others to substantiate that they have been cheating for decades!

    The on-the-street talk is that Hillary just didn’t think she needed to campaign in certain states – that she lost because she assumed they are, well, Democrat property. But to me the dots mean she was assured they were all fixed as usual. Here is my point – yes, my opinion – The criminal-bitch LOST the election far worse than we even know because of the perhaps millions of votes she stole. If the truth were to come out on all that really happened not only would the c-b have lost so badly that any recount would be irrelevant but likely the DNC would truly be finished!

    Again my opinion – take it or leave it!

    All of this recount crap and this slam on the Electoral College is simply playing along with the Fraud in an attempt to destroy the last component of our Representative Republic – to convert us to a true Democracy! The Globalists are looking at the big picture, as should we.

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