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Additional Liberal Lies About Racism, Prove Liberal Racism

Throughout the recent general election campaign we heard the Democrats claim that Donald Trump’s supporters were racists and that they were inciting violence and saying racist things that proved their anti-minority prejudice. Then we saw the leaked information from Project Veritas that proved that Hillary Clinton herself, via her cadre of loyal, lying, criminal Democrats on the DNC staff, was paying labor union members and unemployed/homeless people to taunt, threaten and actually beat Trump supporters and burn his campaign offices. The liberal press, of course, bought the lies hook, line and sinker and reported these Fake News stories repeatedly, even after the Project Veritas evidence was publicized proving that they were absolute lies. They repeated the lies about Trump being a violent racist long after they knew their reports were lies and disinformation. That’s what the liberal press does, and that’s who they are.

Over the past number of years there have been numerous other incidents of black students writing racist threats on their dorm room doors and blaming it on white students, and of black residents burning crosses on their lawns and blaming it on the racial hatred of white neighbors.

From a certain demented perspective it makes perfect sense for racists to make racist statements and stage racist events. Such people are so steeped in their own hatred and racism they can’t help but charge their supposed enemies with the same frame of mind that they have.

So now comes the latest such report: the Mississippi Department of Public Safety reported yesterday that the burning of a black church in Greenville, Mississippi, accompanied by a spray-painted note of “Vote Trump” on the side of the burning structure, was committed by a black man named Andrew McClinton.

Of course, the lying, liberal press stated that no political intent was behind this event. So are we to believe that Mr. McClinton just picked the name of the first white person that came to his mind and blamed him for the crime? I think not. With liberals, whether they are black, white, orange or green, there is no greater driving forced in their lives than politics, and seeing “Vote Trump” on the side of a burning black church is political, period.

So has the Obama Department of Justice begun a hate crime investigation of Mr. McClinton? Not likely.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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