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Trump Decides Not To Prosecute Hillary?

I’ve heard that Donald Trump has decided that he will not prosecute Hillary for her various crimes. Although this action in no way dissuades me from fully supporting Trump in the establishment of sanity and reason in government, I sure hope he is not doing this in order to salve the wounds of establishment Democrats and settle the frustration of the Clinton family when their dynasty was denied renewed life. There is no way on this earth that a Republican can get along with a Democrat in the current environment of division that Obama established and that establishment Democrats have reinforced. It’s been tried before by innocent Republicans and when the Democrat Party got power again it was as though the Republicans had made no effort at comity at all.

A few years ago when the Republicans won a majority in the Senate, in order to show that they were not the monsters the Democrats claimed they were, and to prove that they really wanted to just get along, they decided to share the leadership of the Senate with the Democrats.

So did Pelosi, Reid or Schumer return the atmosphere of peace and understanding when they later regained the majority in the House and the Senate? No way in hell. They ruled like dictators with Reid lying about Mitt Romney and Pelosi using disparaging names for Republicans.

It’s a dead certainty that the Democrats would have persecuted and then prosecuted Richard Nixon if Ford had not pardoned him. And I understand that the Obama Justice Department investigated George Bush for over a year after he left office trying to find some prosecutable evidence that the weapons of mass destruction thing, or the invasion of Iraq, or anything else they could drum up, was sufficient to put him in jail. Fortunately they were unable to find such a thing, but they searched a very long time hoping to find it. And let no one have any doubt that they would have put Bush in jail if they could have.

Hillary’s crimes put Americans in jeopardy and made our national security vulnerable, and she needs to be prosecuted for her actions even if this would rile the left to even more rioting and burning than the election of Trump caused. If the swamp is going to be drained and high officials made to pay for their crimes, then this is the place to pull the plug on the swamp and put Hillary on trial.

One thing is certain: If the Democrats had even a weak complaint to bring against Donald Trump they would go to the ends of the earth to bring him to criminal trial or impeachment. It’s what they do. The Hillary situation is one of basic justice and has nothing to do with how it will impact the Clintons. In fact I believe Hillary said at one point that she welcomed a trial so she could prove her innocence and clear her good name. So let’s give her the chance she so wants.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Dave, I believe that many share your viewpoint. Frankly my first reaction was the same….then I realized that he did not say that the FBI would stop investigating the Clinton Foundation and that net will scoop up ALL of the Clintons. With the mountain of tasks ahead, to pursue an independent investigation would require much of his personal involvement and be a distraction….so in the meantime, let her squirm in her own poison…..and at the same time this let’s many of the “I’m with Her” crowd begin to heal. You are right about the toxic atmosphere between Republicans and Democrats. This could be the first ‘olive branch’ extended by the ‘winners’. We cannot grow or repair our Nation without those ‘pesky’ Democrats. Ever hear the phrase “Lose the battle, win the war”?

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