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In Politics, Unlike Real Life, Likes Do Attract

In the world of “takers” and “makers” in which the former are a burden on society and occupy the welfare roles, and the latter are the workers and business owners who make America prosper and function, Hillary’s and Obama’s government favors, clearly prefers and is attracted to the “takers” because big-government is the ultimate “taker” of them all, and “taker” citizens will always support the ruling “takers” and vote to keep them in power in order to assure the continued flow of goodies and free stuff . Government is a drag on the economy because it makes nothing and produces nothing, and draws income only on the legal theft known as taxation, which it forces the “makers” to pay.

So can it be any coincidence that government, especially the current administration of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, loves and panders to the welfare “takers” and despises the productive “makers”? One may be assured that this is, indeed, the case.

Maybe that’s why the American economy is in the tank and why welfare is on the increase, with too many welfare recipients not only living at the expense of their fellow citizens, but also consider that we are experiencing a record number of gangland shootings in our major cities, with one member of this underclass attacking another, often with deadly results. One could almost say that our “taker” government is encouraging this warfare among the “taker” class in order to distract attention from Obama’s failing policies while he makes his usual liberal points about racism and the evil quality of guns (which was also Obama’s intent with his Fast and Furious scheme at the beginning of his first term), but also to cause widespread fear and anxiety, and to put pressure on society as a whole as Obama’s and Hillary’s leftist schemes fail and begin to disintegrate, resulting in the eruption of violence each day as citizens attack each other for turf and gang pride, and black-lives-matter types assassinate police officers.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president this chaos and anarchy in the streets will only increase, because envy, frustration and gang violence is how leftists gain and maintain power, (recall that Hillary ordered and paid for thugs to induce violence at Trump events and that she ordered the fire-bombing of a Trump campaign office in North Carolina) and because the likes of Hillary would never be able to convince people to elect her to a position of power if she were true and open about her policies and her techniques of governing.

We need to halt the current government abuse of the “makers” and begin elevating them to the positions of leadership they deserve with their industrious behavior and hard work, and we must stop the mutual attraction between government and the “takers” and get these poor people off welfare and back to productive lives.

You might say that Donald Trump supporters want to liberate the “takers” from government control and allow them to lead proud, responsible, prosperous lives. Because, after all, the liberation of the individual from the claws of government is what the constitution, and traditional life in America, is all about.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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