Where’s Hillary? Clinton ‘running out the clock’ again?

Hillary Clinton is done meeting with supporters, holding rallies or doing much of anything other than the final presidential debate on October 19th.

According to Hillary’s campaign website, the only event between now and the election that will include Mrs. Clinton is the Presidential Debate.

Bill, Chelsea, Tim Kaine ad even President Obama will be out campaigning in her place, but where’s Hillary?

She is likely getting the same advice she received in August when she disappeared from public view for weeks. That strategy clearly backfired as her poll numbers took a nosedive during her absence.

It would appear she’s making another attempt to just run out the clock while the news percolates on the negative Trump news.

It’s a calculated risk her campaign is taking and one that could cost her. Polls released today show that Donald Trump is regaining on Hillary and that the entire Billy Bush bus thing has failed to put Trump away as Clinton might have hoped.

It is certain that speculation will re-emerge about Hillary’s health or her inability to keep up with Trump’s feverish pace.

While the campaign might be seeking to avoid another ‘medical episode‘ like the one on 9/11, it is more likely that she feels she’s already got the election won and needs do nothing more to ensure a win.

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Rich Mitchell

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