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Hillary has ‘medical episode’ now her health becomes a real issue for 2016

Hillary Clinton’s health has been of great concern to the electorate and a “medical episode” on Sunday doesn’t give voters much confidence that she’s healthy enough to be President.

Hillary Clinton had a “medical episode” that required her to leave a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early on Sunday, a law enforcement source who witnessed the event told Fox News.

It’s plainly visible that Clinton almost collapses before entering the van and is only kept from falling to the ground by those holding her up.

Whereas Clinton and her campaign could laugh off questions about her health before today, the “overheating” episode makes it almost impossible for them to do so.

Clinton campaign staff put out a statement that the candidate just got overheated and feels better now. The statement came more than 90 minutes after Clinton was rushed away in her medical van. Her own pool reporters were forbidden to cover her exit to the van, the van leaving or follow her when she left. Nothing to see here?

Weather in New York on Sunday didn’t really support a heat-related event as the temperature was just 80 degrees at Noon.. it was even  cooler during her episode.

The campaign is quickly pushing out photos of Hillary standing and waving in front of her daughter’s apartment.

That’s a world record recovery from heat exhaustion/stress .. unless the heat really had nothing to do with her medical episode.

The possibilities of what really happened are endless, but it sure looks more like a seizure event than heat exhaustion at this point.  Either way, even the Democrat-friendly Washington Post has decided that Hillary’s health is actually an issue .. finally.

We are 58 days away from choosing the person who will lead the country for the next four years, and she is one of the two candidates with a real chance of winning. Taking the Clinton team’s word for it on her health — in light of the episode on Sunday morning — is no  longer enough. Reasonable people can — and will —  have real questions about her health.

There will surely be questions, but the answers – true or not – won’t matter. This may have been a fatal blow to the massive machine that has been propping up an unelectable candidate.

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