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Obama E. Neuman’s “What, Me Worry?” Attitude

Our immature president is nearing his final term in office and will be skating away just in time to avoid the natural, disastrous ramifications of his far-left, America-is-bad, “fundamental transformation of America” policies. So the next president will have some or all of the following national issues to address and fix, if indeed they can be fixed:

Weekly riots in major American cities.

Iran developing a nuclear weapon and the means to deliver it.

An unpayable, and increasing national debt.

A stock market bubble caused by Obama’s low interest rates.

A real estate bubble caused by the same things that caused the last such bubble (we never learn).

The increasing threat of ISIS, even the ISIS that Obama “contained”.

Escalating war in Syria.

Long-lasting unemployment rates.

Increasing numbers of citizens on welfare.

An increasingly bellicose Russia.

An increasingly threatened Israel.


Obama has promised to stay close to the Washington power-center so he can keep things stirred up after he’s gone and assure that his racist comments will keep establishment Republicans cowering in their offices and unable to act against his various “legacies”, and cowering is exactly what Republicans did while Obama was in the Oval Office. But with Obama out of office there will not even be the pretense of him negotiating and working with the other side. Obama will go peddle-to-the-metal hostile and partisan in his leftist tirades, and if more sensible and traditional Democrats (are there any of these left?) take up with Republicans in opposition to Obama’s more outrageous positions, he’ll attack them as well. And he’ll certainly increase his divisive words and proposals defending his failed administration and try to further the left-and-downward spiral of America. The next few years will be a very interesting era in which to live, and they should provide a pristine example of why liberals should not be elected president, and this warning absolutely includes denying Hillary Clinton the presidency.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Where’s your fan club? No supporting comments speaks volumes for your whacked out views indeed. Immature indeed!

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