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Hillary’s Campaign Should Be Listed On The Terrorist Watch List

Now I know why the Hillary presidential campaign reminds me so much of my youth in the 1960s and 1970s. It was the revolutionary and murderous Weather Underground and the various environmental terrorist groups that were doing such nasty work that remind me of Hillary Clinton and her campaign: blowing up the offices of groups that they disagreed with, yelling in the faces of police, or like Obama’s close buddy, Bill Ayers, killing policemen and then becoming a respected and unrepentant college professor, followed by becoming best buds with a radical left President of the United States. Those were the days, my friend, and now the nation is being forced to experience those dark and dangerous times again with the policies and actions of Hillary and Obama.

Hillary has been exposed by WikiLeaks documents and Veritas videos as doing the same things as the numerous radical groups of my youth, but the FBI is not investigating them and the president is endorsing the leader of the group (Hillary) and is actively campaigning with her and stating that she is the most qualified person to be our next president. Will serial killers, rapists and slave owners be the next group to be endorsed by Barack Obama as qualified for his job? If those are the qualifications, I believe I’ll join Barbra Streisand and move to Canada.

What the hell has become of America when murderers are praised and befriended by high officials, and bombers and chaos generators are the most qualified for the presidency? Dennis Miller recently said that he thinks “the ship has sailed” and that America is going over the falls headed for an enormous crash, but one still holds out hope that we can get a very different president in the Oval Office, in the form of Donald Trump, and that his ideas will change the attitude of citizens and politicians alike and maybe we can save this vestige of a nobler, more gentle time and begin to live more sensible, prosperous, meaningful lives.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. The definition of ‘Fundamentally Transform America’ of Evil Islamic & Pakistani Pimp Messiah, Criminal, Fagid, Othrwise Evil, Combo, Non-recyclable American Traitor Terorist Whor Barack HUSSEIN Obama (dfind) was & is ‘Islamization of our non-13(dfind) Free world America’.Som fukin Evil Audacity & som fukin Evil Change.Some of his ‘Traitorship’ highlights :
    1) 1.6+Million of his Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids being allowd2 permanently migrate 2our non-13(dfind) Free world U.S. only in the past 5+yrs, this breakin the record of WWI & WWII as per U.S Imigration & Naturalization service.
    2) As per Dec-Jan data, mor than 50% of his thez Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids hav been already kept on Welfare, thus makin our non-13(dfind) Free world hard workin, law abiding, tax payin, gud Samaritan Americans feed the evil stomachs & wallets of his thez same Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids who hav committed crimes/acts (dfind) against our non-13(dfind) free world America in&durin the past 16+yrs now.
    3) Shuttin down of the Guantanamo base so that all of his Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids get2stay in the mainland prisons.
    4) Orderin our non-13(dfind) Free world public schools 2not utter the name Jesus Christ nor talk about Bible, as it hurts, offends, discriminates his Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids.
    5) Allotted addtnl funds 4the first time in history2 promote & increz familiarity of our non-13 (dfind) free world American children, of his rotn evil whor allah, his evil pimp prophet mohammed, their ratshit oficialy barbaric kuran & non-recyclable islam, thru their evil Arabic & urdu languages, its culture & terroristic & monstrous religion.
    6) Gav a whopping $52 Billion in his 2terms ONLY 2his Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids, in the name of several things, incl. their ntnl debts, Military AIDS, non-Military AIDS, Humanitarian AIDS, USAIDS.
    7) Orderd his Evil Whor Loretta Lynch 2not relez the names of his Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids who r already in prisons 4charges of acts against our non-13(dfind) free world U.S.
    8) Granted amnesty & in which also added a provision, 2&4 all of his Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids, 2remain in our non-13(dfind) free world U.S. as free men.
    9) Remaind absolutely silent & literaly ignored, aftr General Mullen’s testimony2our non-13(dfind) free world U.S congress, which included evidences of Evil Islamic & Pakistani Pimp Whor Terorist Barack’s(dfind) Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids havin committed acts against our non-13(dfind) free world U.S, in & outside the U.S., & then waited 4the General 2retire & aftr which issued an addtnl cheque of $700 Million 2his most favorite Evil Islamic rundee terrorist, criminal, fagid whor, incl. whor of all evils of the world Pakistan & Pakistanis worldwide(dfind). Not the least Gen.Mullenbeing his own right hand front Man as his Chairman of Jt. Chiefs of Staff.
    10) Withdrawin troops 4rm his Evil Islamic nations of Evil Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, so that his Evil Islamic & Pakistani Co-Terorists, Criminals, Fagids can continue2prepare & xport their Evil Islamic & Pakistani terror 2our non-13(dfind) free world in peace. Not the least, this name of ‘Fightin Islamic Teror’ has been goin on for mor than 2decades & even a 10yr old kid wud not comprehend the fact that the world’s superpower, w/the mightiest defense forces, the most resources & $750 Billion a year at its disposal, can’t stop & eradicate this most evilest, dangerous, deadliest, poisonous, unwanted race, religion, god, people, nations on earth – Evil Islam & Pakistan & Pakistanis worldwide(dfind). And definitly not the least this so calld ‘problem’ has ONLY INCREZD & SPREAD. Why ? Only ‘coz of our Political Prostitutes & Pimps led by Evil Barack, Bill & Hillary (all3—dfind).
    11) Initiatin talks w/his Evil Islamic Co-Terorist Evil Iran(dfind) when for mor than 4 decades, all our non-13(dfind) Free world Presidents hav maintaind the policy of ‘No Talks’ w/any of Evil Islam (dfind) incl. Evil Iran(dfind). And this rotn, sick, ratshit, parasitic, non-recyclable garbage black & white man terrorist Barack(dfind) didn’t stop here, but he gav the Nuclear Deal2his Evil Islamic Terorist Whor Iran)dfind). This inspite of the unanimous warnin2him by our non-13(dfind) free world U.S congress 2not do so & if he did, then aftr he leaves they wud turn it down, declare it invalid & which legaly the congress can&it is goin2 aftr Jan.20th, 2017.
    12) Brushin off & throwin out our non-13(dfind) Free world Israel, as a cloz ally, which since post-WWII all the Presidents hav recognizd & maintaind.

    * Islam & the very ideology of the religion of Islam itself is officially the most barbaric organized religion on planet earth.
    * Islam is the biggest threat to the U.S. & rest of our Free world in the 21st century.
    * Islamic world globally has 400+Million of population who are below 35 yrs of age and of whom approx 65% of them are already trained or being trained as Jihadis to wage war against our Free world.
    The followin simply is a evidential brief &the herein below links stablish all of the 13 Evils of the world in the past 16+yrs now.
    The herein abov 3 points r as a result of xtensive research done by som of the pr e-eminent scholars, thinkers & group of experts in our free world, whom I wudn’t mention here (intelligent people of our free world very well know wher to luk for) as, thez Evils killd (dfind)one, as soon as I disclosed the source and the individual of one such study.
    Evil Islam and Pakistan & Pakistanis worldwide (dfind) [tho’ the lattr r the same of islam as the formr but need separate classification in this context] r an integral pa rt of the 13 evils of the world, who for mor than half a century hav been tryin2 ‘inv ade, captur, capitalize, loot, destroy, perforate, get accesses & put their Evil Islam ic stamp on anything & anyone of our non-13(dfind) Free World, esp. our non-13 (dfind) Free World Leader, the U.S. In our non-13(dfind) Free world, Evil Islam, Is lamic nations, Islamists, Pakistan, Pakistanis worldwide(dfind) operate & function thru their 3 Evil Arms – Evil Soft Arms [this is their Surface w/a Face whom v(dfin d) can see & many of us(dfind) even interact], Evil Hard Arms [this is their second layer & Level who also r on surface but w/a Mask] & Evil Hard Core Arms [this is their Evil Arm whom v(dfind) nevr see] (all3—dfind). The recent Islamic Terrorist Omar havin born & brought up in the U.S. being a combination of all 3 of their Evil Arms, who luking, talkin, walkin, behavin like a normal American, being the bigge st advtg. of Evil Islam(dfind) they empower such, wher such do not hav2follow ord ers but r trained & capable & knowledgeable enuf 2equip themselvs, plan & xecu te too.
    The more than half a century old Evil Dream of Evil Islam(dfind) started w/their Mohammed, whom v, in the U.S know as Malcolm X, & who faile d them. Then they prepard & landed up w/Louis Farakkhan who cud re ach as far as the Million Man March in DC & then fizzld out. And finally it was in 2009 that Evil Islam and Pakist an & Pakistanis worldwide(dfin d) hit the jackpot & which is their so calld ‘coronatio n’ of their biggest, richest & most powerful evr Evil Pimp Barack HUSSEIN Obama (dfind) as the President of our non-13(dfind) Free World U.S. Here as any1 sane can figur it out that 2realize their this long sought Evil dream, thez Evils meticulou sly crafted each step ovr mor than half a century. Not the least as history is evident enuf, for the past 3500yrs this Evil Islam (dfind) has done the same thing the w orld ovr. It has attackd each civ ilization, invaded, capturd, looted, destroyd, ruined by perforatin thru multiple ways & strategies & then put their Evil islamic stamp on it & ruled over it. Their most sucessful accomplishment was India, wher they attackd India mor than 50x, did all this herein & ruled ovr it for 940yrs until the British Mpire nterd India4biznes, defeated & overthrew this Evil & who then ruld ovr India for 230yrs, which again 4them too was their biggest accomplisment & most prized trophy. Evil Islam(dfind) tried the same against Europe for 1K+yrs & in the nd all that it got suc cess was gettin their Evil Turkey(dfind) in2the EU & that too aftr a long battle. Now our non-13(dfind) Free World U.S. being the most powerful nation, thez Evils hav listed us(dfind) as their prime enemy.
    This has been an Evil Pattern of Evil Islam(dfind) all ovr the world, esp. succesful prosperous, powerful territories/civilizations, wher they nter thru any means, do a ll the violence until their victim gives up the fight, then they hav gone cloz2their victim enemy & uzd them by manipulatin them 2build & spread their Evil Islam(dfind) thru several ways. We(dfind) the non-13(dfind) Free world must not 4get that since Hum an beings hav been fightin wars &b battles, eventualy at sunset the war is stoppd & it restarts next day. My point here is that this Evil enemy Isla m(dfind) also needs rest & when they do so,even in rest they continue2 make eforts2 put their evil stamp of Islam(dfind) among which 1of the most common ones is havin sex & impregnatin our non-13(dfind) free world women, marryin multiple women & thus producin & spreadin their Islam fastr & makin our non-13(dfind) Free world men depend upon th em in som way, shape or form & all this on ‘surface’ while they take th eir ‘rest’. Obviously w/a total war chest of $6+ Billion thru several of the ir Evil Islamic organizations(dfind) all of which function in the name of their religion (here again v can’t say anythin, if they do so in our non-13 U.S as v respe ct Freedom 2practice religion) & in the name of ‘Refuge es, victims of their own vi olence which not the least among them has been oficialy goin for 600+yrs now, & all of which is their normal way of life for 600+yrs.
    Now add2this Evil Islamic grand Scheme of things, 1.6+Million of Evil Islam and Pakistan & Pakistanis worldwide(dfind) being allowd in less thez past 5yrs, by their Evil Pimp Messiah Islamic & Pakistani Terorist Barack(dfind) 2permanently migra te 2our non-13(dfind) Free World U.S., thus breakin the U.S Immigration record of WWI & WWII4 allowin any single ethnic group2ntr the U.S. in this shortest time period, in such large nos. 2day the total migrant pop.of Evil Islam(dfind) in our non-13( dfind) Free world U.S has cross the 2.4+Million mark & add2that 43% of African-American pop. being of Evil Islam(dfind)[this no. uzd2b less tha n 8% till aftr WWII] which brings the total pop. of Evil Islam(dfind) 2day in our non-13(dfind) Fr ee World America to 18+Million, which is even mor than all the legal & illegal Hisp anics combined. All in all, our(dfind) so calld ‘Disgruntld Black Man & Woman’ the remainin 57%, came in h andy4thez Evils 2advance, perforate & proliferate their Evil goals again st our non-13(dfind) Free World U.S & the rest of our non-13(dfind) Fr ee World.
    Not the least the easiest part 4thez Evils is2make&use the Political Pros titutes & Pimps of our non-13(dfind) Free World American Political Lead ers & elected oficials buyin them all off & in their pockets 4rm their botto mless Black Gold Oil money, which is all they got. (Sellin off of our non-13(dfind) Free World U.S for $182 Million 2Evil Hillary & Bill(dfind)& if th ey don’t win then too, thez evils being the same ones who fukd them 4r m April 2000 till 2009&brought them on roads, w/Evil Bubba(dfind) not even havin a penny2construct his arkansas foundation. Yes the Evils who brought him2this stage r the same ones who hav now givn him this $182 M &if they don’t win, then atleast thez Evils r xpectin that their cri mes against our non-13(dfind) U.S wud remain coverd up, which again has been done by their Evil Pimp Barack&his evil american gang(dfind) & all SOLELY thru My 24x7x365 now 16+yrs of ‘Invasion & Victimization (dfind)
    Nevr evr in our non-13(dfind) Free world American history, it has evr occurrd whe r any foreign nation, ethnic community spends $32 Billion for Public Relations (thi s goin2our non-13(dfind) free world American PR firms, Lobbyists & select Politici ans) & to promote their religion & their people & their way of life, by presnetin it all in a very soft & light hearted mannr, which our(dfind) PR firms r globaly highly co mpetent & they wud & they already hav started aftr the Evil Saudi Arabia (Remind dr : Our Senate already declard as involvd & a part of 9/11 & Pentagon atacks) gav this amt.2all thez 4this purpose.
    Unfortnatly, among our(dfind) thez so calld Political Prostitutes & Pimps, being Ev il Islamic & Pakistani Pimp Messiah, Criminal, Fagid,Othrwise Evil, Combo, Ameri can Traitor Terorist Whor Barack HUSSEIN Obama (dfind), Evil Fagid, Criminal, Isl amic & Pakistani Pimp American Traitor Terorist Whor Hillary Clinton(dfind) & Evil Rapist(dfind), Criminal, Fagid, Islamic & Pakistani Pimp American Traitor Terorist Bill Clinton(dfind). History is evident enuf that Politicians w/sensible statements, st ands & positions on issues hav always been accepted & hav won & hav been wel comd w/open arms by all, the intelligentsia & the people as well. Esp. the intellige ntsia & the elite who like Politicians who say specific things, wher ther is all Peace ful & harmonious. Well, who doesn’t like Peace ? Who doesn’t like harmony ? But the quintessential question that is in front of our non-13(dfind) Free World Americ ans is – Are we in Peaceful times for the past deacde plus? Are we in Harmonious times for decade plus ? Are wein normal times 4the last decade plus ? May b on surface it might seem2many of us(dfind), but I insist that u do ur homework. Ther is not one piece of data in & of the continental U.S. which tells us(dfind) that v r in normal, peaceful, prosperous, harmonious times. If u feel the opposite of this, the n u r a victim of, influencd by the spin masters & twist doctors of thez 13 Evils of the world. …………………………

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