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Coming To A Liberal University Near You: Forced Separation Of Races

After decades of punishing and abusing school children in the late nineteen hundreds by busing them across cities to the other side of town in order to achieve the liberal dream of “diversity” and “racial balance”, liberal whites and liberal blacks are now demanding the separation of blacks from the evil white students in a college near you, which practice, once started by liberals, will probably lead to renewed busing to get blacks away from the influence of whites in now-integrated public schools. The idea of separating the races in college, which is, in its simplest and least-racial terms, actually just the forced separation of young Americans from each other at a very important period of their lives, all of whom will have to live together the rest of their lives, is only the latest liberal fad meant to stir up racial animosity and resentment in the most liberal and formerly inclusive, supposedly non-judgmental environments in America: the universities. After all, the expressed need for grade school and high school students to be bussed miles each day in order to achieve racial balance was the logical outcome of the Ku Klux Klan hate, racism, separatism and bigotry that existed under Democrat Party rule in the southern states since slavery was introduced.

Following college, the next step in the normal progression of peoples’ lives is getting a job and supporting a family. Liberals are intentionally disrupting this natural process of education and work by breaking with the logical flow and making blacks feel resentful of the whites that they will be competing with for jobs after college. Liberals, black and white alike, are constructing a wall between Americans of differing ethnicity and dividing our nation, while teaching young blacks to be resentful and suspicious of other races. And what could possibly go wrong when large numbers of young black men are made to feel resentful, mistreated and abused by the white masters? How about Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charlotte, for starters? But that’s where liberal policy is taking us, and they should be ashamed.

In the universities, white students and teachers are being counseled on the evils of being white and the resulting fantasy of “white privilege” in order to combat their idea of racism. But counseling, based solely on race, is itself racist, as being practiced by universities, which are run almost exclusively by Democrat liberals. And of course in this new-normal world where one can self-identify as anything one wants to be, or whatever one thinks one is, white students will not be allowed to self-identify as blacks in order to escape the harassment, intimidation and criticism from liberal faculty members. And all this hubbub is based solely on the students’ skin color. How many times have liberals lectured the nation about judging people based on the color of their skin, and not on their character?

The whole thing is reminiscent of the first non-smoking signs that went up in commercial passenger aircraft, introduced as only intended for the tightly confined spaces of an aircraft, but the practice was ultimately and inevitably extended by liberals to a prohibition of smoking even in one’s personal residence. Allowing the soft, campus racism of “black studies” and “multi-cultural centers” that exists at most universities, to get its toe in the door, has been expanded to the extent that liberal racists on university staffs are now able to assign white guilt to any pet peeve of theirs, and the occasional student attending the university who is actually desirous of getting an education, has no recourse but to put up with the stupidity if they want the college degree. It has now become “white” to seek a real education in order to prepare oneself for a good job after college. Formerly both black and white students actually wanted to learn on their way to economic success, but those times are long gone, and all due to liberal/progressive/Democrat racism.

We used to consider it part of the American dream to get a college education, but now it’s become a nightmare of leftist, Marxist political activism, if not just plain racism, that Democrat/progressive/liberals practice on campus.

Hopefully Trump’s influence and leadership as president can reverse this trend, but it’s a cinch that Hillary will only expand the hate, racial division and intolerance on campus, on our city streets and in our neighborhoods, if we are unfortunate enough to see her win the election.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. All those peaceful protests lead by MLK, all the forced busing of school kids in the late 1960s early 1970s, all for Blacks to NOT be segregated, to be treated as equals, all for naught.

  2. Remember the Democrats fought against the Civil Rights Act. They never wanted minorities to truly be free and now all those fights are being undone by the same Democrats. They took their loss, by not being able to kill the Civil Rights Act and went to work convincing blacks they should be separated and it looks like it’s working.

    I’m cool with this but the deal is once the minorities segregate themselves they never are allowed back. And the white side will provide NO welfare or pay for any of these social programs. Also, whites must be allowed to also segragate and have whites only establishments.

    It’s the Democrat dream and they have those that will suffer the most actually pushing for their own demise. That’s fine, but do it already and leave the rest of us who have seen our entire lives muddled with this racism crap alone!

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