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Bundy Brothers et al Acquitted in Takeover of Oregon Wildlife Refuge


Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and five of their compatriots, charged with conspiracy and weapons charges during the takeover of the federally-controlled Malheur wildlife sanctuary in January, were acquitted Thursday by a jury of all charges.

The defendants never denied that they occupied the facility at the wildlife refuge, but their lawyers successfully argued that the group never conspired to prevent wildlife employees from doing their jobs.

The monthlong trial continued the struggle of ranchers and landowners against a tyrannical federal Bureau of Land Management that has been swallowing up prime grazing land.

Oregon’s Governor posted her dismay about the verdict on twitter:

“While I respect the jury’s decision, I am disappointed. The occupation of the Malheur Refuge by outsiders did not reflect the Oregon way of respectfully working together to resolve differences. I appreciate the due diligence of our federal partners and stand with the communities of Harney County and residents of Burns.”

We reported on the original story HERE and HERE if you’re looking for historical context.

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  1. Holy smokes. I am all for rights under the constitution. I am totally confused about this case. The way I was raised, you worked your ass off and saved money to buy land that you owned. It turns out that the public land we all share (and that I pay additional taxes to have maintained). Is NOT actually for all of us but is for a few people who decide that they don’t want to work hard but want the land nonetheless. Interesting….Amazingly, the law found in their favor, so I guess that those of us that pay for public spaces don’t matter and I guess it’s all a government plot to screw them. Hmmm. Ranchers have so benefitted from government leases and cheap grass it’s unbelieveable….If only they had to actually pay for the same shit the rest of us do….

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