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Public not buying newest explanation of #HillarysHealth problems

This morning, we reported that Hillary suddenly left a 9/11 commemorative event, then nearly collapsed before being rush transported to a nearby hospital her daughter’s apartment for treatment.

Her own press corps was left behind at the event and given no information for 90 minutes. Then the explanation came that Mrs. Clinton had gotten ‘overheated’ in the 80 degree weather.

Social media was flooded with images of Hillary waving and walking in front of her daughter’s apartment. The optics were designed to say “she’s perfectly fine, all healthy, see!” but following #HillarysHealth, #ClintonCollapse and #HillaryHealth on twitter showed that most people just weren’t buying it.

As the optics failed to persuade, the campaign had to do something else – they needed a very treatable, already-diagnosed, common ailment to explain away the coughing fits, the infamous ‘short-circuit’ and her collapse this morning. After letting the media stew in its own juices most of the day, Hillary’s doctor suddenly released a statement saying that she had diagnosed Clinton with pneumonia on Friday and that the coughing and today’s collapse were related.

This statement raises far more questions than it answers.

Hillary is travelling with a pool of reporters, why weren’t they told on Friday of the diagnosis? Sure, her campaign might have been trying to protect her from being viewed by the public as ill, but that perception already exists. Pneumonia could have more effectively been used as cover for the coughing fit had they come out proactively with the supposed diagnosis.

If she was diagnosed with pneumonia, why expose crowds of people to possible infection? They could have used the alleged diagnosis to cancel appearances and then her quick rebound to good health as a story to show how healthy she is.

No, the timeline doesn’t make sense, going to Chelsea’s doesn’t make sense and miraculously recovering in an apartment doesn’t make sense.

The cough was supposedly seasonal allergies on Friday, then she ‘overheated’ (that will make an awesome cartoon I’m sure) this morning, then – after long consideration – her campaign decides it’s pneumonia. Riiiiight…

This latest “explanation” is just  the campaign circling the wagons around a candidate they are struggling to keep upright. It’s going to be a long 8 weeks for those folks.

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  1. Am certain Clinton has a Herd of Doctors. So, after weeks of dry to productive coughing & fatigue one of them decides to find a Cause? Not a chance in Hell. At least not for the Lofty Hillary. Not to ignore Secret Service had to be aware of “Diagnosis” So, why would they bypass an ER for Chelsea’s apartment? Possibly a public ER might discover something else? Par for the Course, Clinton&Co just can’t tell the Truth about anything.

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