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Michelle Obama Reflects On Hillary Clinton

I just saw a video that surprised me in this election year. Michelle Obama is giving a talk critical of Hillary, who I thought was running for Obama’s third term as president. In reference to the accusations of rape and intern abuse by husband Bill Clinton, both inside and outside the White House, Michelle stated that a woman (she is here referring to Hillary) “who can’t run (her) own house, can’t run the White House”. So it appears that Michelle is opposing Hillary in her run against Donald Trump. Shocking!

Oops! Never mind. The video I just saw was recorded when Barack Obama opposed Hillary in their 2008 campaign when each sought to be the Democrat candidate for president. So with the passage of time also comes a change in attitude by the Obamas toward candidate Hillary and her philandering husband. In 2008 Hillary was a worthless fool to be scorned, destroyed and discarded. Now Hillary is the most qualified person in the world, perhaps in the universe, to run for president, and is fully endorsed by Barack and Michelle Obama. Ain’t it a beautiful thing?

Are Democrats filthy scum or what? These lying Democrat bastards will destroy an opponent in a minute when they are opposed for a position of power, and then worship them and praise them when a power shift is in the offing and they feel the situation is favorable to endorse their former deadly enemy. How can anyone ever trust anything a Democrat/liberal/progressive says, when every word they utter is a lie?

We need to take this useful information with us when we listen to anything on the TV or radio, when we read anything in print and when we go to the voting booth in November. If liberals are saying it, or endorsing it, or are stating that it’s a fact, it’s probably a lie and should be ignored and the opposite should be strongly suspected as being the truth.

Let’s rid our nation of liberals and vote Trump in November; you’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be making America great again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Exactly, Dave! Socialism is an easy sell to any generation that despises the Truth because it strokes their CHILDISH selfishness. They sell their very souls on the false promises of some Utopia where everyone – but especially themselves personally – can have ANYTHING they want without regard to morality. Where everyone will just all MAGICALLY get along – because there are no pesky Truth Sayers to spoil their SELF indulgence!! The democrat minions who would rather have Experts TELL them what they know have no use for the Truth. Truth is harsh, mean, ikky! Truth enforces personal responsibility and consequences! Lies are so much better! Lies become truth thru relativity – where one’s persona,l demi-god, perceptions supersede FACT! truth is relative to what their selfish emotions want at the moment. It is so pervasive in their pea brains that they cannot imagine anyone ever caring about the REAL Truth. When they hear someone speak real Truth – by pointing out the Lies they cling to – their only explanation is that those people are full of hate. There isn’t any other explanation! truth then is defined moment by moment according to how it fits their god-like perceptions!

    But I say you cannot know you are right, mere human, who lives perhaps 100 years as opposed to perhaps 10,000 years of understandable human history (how utterly arrogant to think otherwise!!!) unless you look to something Greater than yourself!! Thinking themselves (SO) wise they become fools. And they WILL suffer a FOOL’s fate! There is a hook in their jaws dragging them down to their PERSONAL destruction! Watch and see…

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