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Liberals Claim To Know What Hispanics Want Better Than Hispanics Do

Recent articles in The Thinker and The Hill express the position that Hispanics have broader and more areas of concern in life than the single subject of immigration when they consider the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. They care even more for the economy, health care, jobs and the deficit because these subject impact their lives and the lives of their families more than the appeal and faux persuasiveness of immigration. And very often Hispanics who are American citizens don’t want immigration reform, they want our immigration laws enforced and illegals kept out because criminals crossing our border are as much a threat to them and their welfare as it is to any other American citizen.

The warning from Democrats that Trump is losing Hispanic support by concentrating on building a wall on the border is quickly placed in doubt because if Democrats thought that Trump was hurting his chances of being elected by pushing the idea of erecting the wall they would shut up and let him hang himself. But they are speaking out against Trump because there is much in his message to gain Hispanic support and they want him silenced.

Racial identity among immigrants is often confusing and contrary to what an outsider would think. The word Hispanic, according to Pew researchers who take their position from Federal policy, does not define a race, but is rather an ethnicity and can include many people outside what is generally considered a unique voting block of easily identifiable people. Many in this group may describe themselves as black or white, as well as those who are Mexican and Central American.

The reason why Trump’s message of keeping out illegals is potentially persuasive with Hispanics: Just like all other Americans, Hispanics residing legally in America want their property and families protected from illegal aliens who, having already broken the laws of the United States by just being here, may also commit other crimes, while also taking jobs that legal Americans may very well need.

Too often illegal aliens will settle in neighborhoods where Mexican-American citizens reside, and the illegals’ influence on these neighborhoods, and more importantly their influence on the children of the neighborhood’s legal residents, is of great concern to those seeking a successful and peaceful life in America.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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