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HPU Student says that her idea of diversity should prevent Trump’s visit to her campus

Safe spaces, trigger words, free speech areas .. ah the open and free exchange of ideas on American college campuses is amazing isn’t it? Well, one High Point University Student wishes the campus had been declared off-limits to Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump because  – diversity…

Senior Elizabeth Reichart said, “I’m a little disappointed in High Point University for allowing him to be here because I think of this environment as one that promotes diversity – one that includes all types of ideas.”

I .. uh.. WHAT? I think Ms. Reichart will have some soul-searching to do later as she tries to come to terms with her exclusionary form of diversity in which only ideas one agrees with should be permitted.

Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a rally at HPU Tuesday at Noon.

Sophomore Julia Fiedler took a more rational approach to Trump’s visit saying “This has sparked such a debate amongst the students that it’s been really awesome to see.”

This would be an opportunity for students that disagree with Trump to hear what he has to say, mingle with those that support him and try to understand their differences.

“I think that it’s important for them to understand where people who disagree with them come from and the only way to do that is by attending these kind of opportunities,” Fiedler said.

The Diversity Council is planning to protest Trump’s visit instead of attending the rally.

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  1. I just wish this was an isolated train of thought! Her Mama andDaddy must be thrilled to spend all that money to have her learn these lessons. Our colleges are becoming over sized playgrounds.

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