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How Sick is Hillary Clinton?

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is suffering from some illness, in addition to her mental hillary-clintonillness, and it isn’t an allergic reaction to hearing Donald Trump’s voice as she claims. There are also questions about the identity and purpose of the black man who pops out of nowhere when hillary has one of her “episodes”.  I have terrible allergy problems but don’t suffer from any of the symptoms she does. My eyes water and itch, and I often suffer from a runny or stuffy nose but I do not go into coughing fits nor do I have to have help standing or walking, and I suffered a crippling stroke 2 years ago. Hillary obviously has some kind of severe health problem but the liar in chief and her minions, nor the lapdog media, will ever admit there is anything wrong because she is determined to put the final nail in the coffin of liberty in this nation. Hillary is even more evil than the satan worshipping barak obama, an ineligible, moslem non-citizen who is doing all he can to turn the U S A into a 3rd world islamic toilet.

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It is beyond criminal that the lame stream media, the so-called fourth estate, spends all their time covering up for the criminals destroying a nation they are supposed to protect. I have not seen oneeagle-flag-statue-of-liberty person in the media do their job and report fairly on what is going on in government. Are they afraid to tell the truth or are they really so morally bankrupt that they support the criminal activities of the political ruling class?

The legacy of death surrounding the Clintons, both bill and hillary, is astounding. It seems that anyone who could possibly derail their criminal enterprise dies rather suddenly, tragically, and mysteriously. As far as I can tell, it goes back to the unexplained deaths of two pre-teen boys in Mena, Arkansas when bill was a rising star in state politics. Hillary was dismissed from the Watergate investigation as a liar, and an unethical and incompetent lawyer. Her personal legacy goes downhill from there. Her stint as Secretary of State is full of treason, incompetence, and criminal actions.  The 4 dead in Benghazi, the illegal e-mail server in her bathroom, and the sheer number of obvious lies should disqualify her as a candidate for the highest office in the land but the demokrats, the lame stream media, and many Americans don’t seem to care how dishonest, how criminal, how treasonous, how evil, or how sick she is and that is a sad commentary on the state of the nation today.

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I belong to two churches and last Sunday one of the pastors commented on the state of our nation, saying that there is no longer any shame felt by people who flaunt sinful behavior, nor is their sin iran-hangs-homosexuals-1called out for what it is, an affront to the Creator of the universe. Homosexuality is not only not considered shameful, it is flaunted and celebrated. Women having babies out of wedlock is celebrated as “heroic” and abortion is considered an honorable option when an unwanted pregnancy occurs out of casual sexual “hookups”.  The Holy Bible says that idolators, sodomites, fornicators, and liars will not see the Kingdom of Heaven. The Christian faith is being oppressed in a formerly Christian nation while atheism, paganism, and islam are celebrated as “enlightened” viewpoints.

I have asked before, “how long will it be before God gives the U S A the same treatment he gave Sodom and Gomorrah?” and I still wonder. I remember from the Biblical account that Lot bargained with God in an attempt to save the cities from God’s wrath but he could not find 5 men worth saving so Lot took his family and fled as hail fire and brimstone fell on the region, killing everyone there. I believe that there are still enough of us left for God to continue to allow us to go on but as I see major Christian denominations join the political correctness crowd and celebrate what flies in the face of God for behavior I begin to wonder just how long the nation has left. I am often criticized or ridiculed for my “intolerant”, “closed-minded” opinions but I don’t care because I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as He taught them, not using Scripture as an alibi to help destroy the nation that God had such an important part in establishing. Some so-called Christian jesusorganizations pervert the Word of God to justify their desire to be seen as “tolerant”, “diverse”, “inclusive”, and “open minded”.  I don’t believe that God sees it the way they do, based on reading and studying the Holy Bible.

Hillary clinton is obviously not only anti-American but is also anti-God. She promotes herself as a champion of women’s rights but has attacked all of the women who have come forward with their rapes and molestations at the hands of bill clinton. Both of them have taken millions of dollars in bribe money from islamic nations and groups that hate America. Selling information, influence, and access for personal gain is TREASON and both of them should be hanged for their actions. I believe the number of people involved with the clintons that have died under questionable circumstances now numbers over 100. I remember when the airplane carrying Ron Brown, a close associate of bill clinton, got off course and flew into the side of a mountain in broad daylight and clear weather. I don’t remember how many died that day but it was a large number. It seems the clintons don’t care how many innocents die as long as those who can expose them die. There have been many recently, 4 or 5 in the last two weeks, who have died under very questionable circumstances after they were called to or agreed to testify about clinton “indiscretions”.  Do you remember Vince Foster, a confidant of bill when he was president, being found in a park dead from a gunshot wound to the back of the head?  The death was ruled a “suicide” but I still don’t believe that lame story for one second.

This nation is under attack from satan, using people like obama, the clintons, and Christians he has deceived into believing they are serving God by violating every precept taught in the Holy Bible.  holy-bibleOur battle isn’t against flesh, it is a battle against principalities and powers being manifested in people.  Satan has gained quite a foothold in the nation in the last 50 years and it must be halted and reversed soon or we will see the freedom so many sacrificed so much for disappear.  Obama, clinton, the demokrat party, and the republican establishment must be stopped or the tyranny of the New World Order will be imposed upon us in a blood bath that will make the Soviet and Red Chinese regimes look like amateurs.  I am not a fan of Donald Trump as I see him as almost as dangerous as hillary and her treasonous companions but I don’t see any other choice at this point but to support him.  Trump has been attacked by the openly leftist demokrats and the no longer donald-trumpdisguised traitors in the republikrat party.  The ruling class elitists in the republikrat party have pulled out all the stops, including openly supporting hillary because they believe that Trump will indeed dismantle their criminal enterprise.  I hope Trump will get into office and fulfill his promises to We the People, assuming an election actually takes place.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

September 6, 2016

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Bob Russell

Graduated from Classen High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in May, 1968. Enlisted in the U S Army on December 11, 1968, serving 3 years in the 7th Special Forces Group as a Heavy Weapons Expert, attaining the rank of Sgt. E 5. upon separation went to work at Southwestern Bell Telephone on January 17, 1972 and retired on August 31, 2003. Also spent 1 year on active reserve as a member of the 14th Special Forces Group. attaining the rank of Staff Sgt. E6. started and operated a business installing wiring for telephone, data, and video surveillance systems from October 2003 until December 2011. Suffered a debilitating stroke on August 19, 2014. Now recovering and doing volunteer work at the Claremore, Oklahoma Veterans Center. Attends church in Claremore at CedarPoint and LifeChanger churches. Married to wife Marsha since August 2, 1989 with 4 daughters and a deceased son, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

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