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Bias much? NY Attorney General probing Trump’s foundation, but not Clinton’s

Outspoken Hillary supporter and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has started an investigation into Donald Trump’s foundation in an effort to enforce compliance… or something.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation is coming under increasing media pressure for misreporting a number of donations and using its money in a questionable fashion.
Schneiderman told CNN’s “The Lead” on Tuesday that his interest in Trump’s foundation connects with his role “as regulator of nonprofits in New York state.”

One might remind the counselor that the Clinton Foundation, also based in New York, has many questionable receipts and connections – some with national security implications, federal ethics issues – oh I could go on and on. I assume that means he’ll be jumping right into an investigation of Bill and Hillary’s little money-maker now that someone’s pointed it out…  right?

It would appear that the Trump foundation is being investigated by Schneiderman for, among other things, giving $100,000 to a conservative group that was suing … yup .. Eric Schneiderman. I can’t imagine the head lawyer in a hugely blue state that contains the largest city in the county would let that kind of disrespectful behavior stand .. NO SIREE! He’ll give that nonsense a look pronto.

Of course that’s shortly after the New York Attorney General’s office did an exhaustive look into improprieties by the Clinton Foundation… right? Nope.

Is it possible that Schneiderman is requesting independent counsel to look into allegations earlier this year that his own office has received donations that could constitute conflict-of-interest?

An analysis by our partner News 4 New York finds that political donations to the Office of the State Attorney General are often made by industries that office is investigating.

Guess not.

This is election year garbage piled on top of quite a whole lot of B.S. The Clinton protection brigade is out in-force and doing everything possible to turn public attention away from Hillary’s severe medical issues.

Now, there’s no way there would be any collusion or coordination between the DNC, Clinton campaign or anyone of importance in those organizations…

President Obama sharpened the national focus on Trump’s foundation when he made a mockery of the charity in a Tuesday campaign speech on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Or… yeah.. just .. yeah.

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