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“Whites Hunted For Beatdowns” The Headline Says, And Obama Is Silent.

Police in particular, and white people in general, are being hunted down and killed by savages in some of America’s major cities, and the president of the United States plays another round of golf on Martha’s Vineyard. The tax-paying, welfare-funding citizens of this nation need reassurance that they will not be the next Obama tools hunted down by the racist hoards in our largest cities. And our government, so quick to blame police officers and whites for every imagined indiscretion that occurs in these liberal/Democrat-dominated, third-world cities, provides only silence.

Anyone who failed to understand the ultimate intent of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” can now begin to see what Obama had in mind with the chaos he has created and advanced in order to bring America down:

Police forces are being taken over by Obama’s Department of Justice, and their officers are fearful that they will end up in prison for enforcing the law and trying to protect the population of their cities, which are mostly populated with decent black citizens begging for police protection from the criminal trash plaguing every liberal-Democrat city government in the nation.

Illegal aliens flooding across our southern border are doing whatever they want to do, wherever and whenever they want to do it, and Obama just sits back and smiles.

Alleged Syrian “refugees” are being imported to America hoping they’ll further destroy our Christian nation, and in anticipation that they’ll commit terrorist crimes that the FBI states is inevitable under the circumstances that Obama and Hillary Clinton have created. This whole mess with police being assassinated and gangs of blacks roaming the streets in search of white people to “beatdown” is completely on the heads of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Our elite leaders in Washington arrogantly think they know best how the nation should be run, and our supposedly representative form of government will not be dissuaded by reason, common sense nor evidence that what’s happened under the Obama administration is wrong and destructive to our entire way of life.

Democrats must be defeated for every governmental office they seek or they’ll oversee the final fruition of Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform America”, which will assure our nation’s destruction.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. You’ve heard the expression….”Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and prove yourself a fool”……Maybe this is his effort to change our opinion of him…or…perhaps it’s that it was a black on black???

    VOTE FOR AMERICA….forget the ‘Johnny come lately’s….they favor more Obama years.

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