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Taking Trump’s “Hillary Is A Bigot” Statement One Step Further

It’s true that Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, have used and abused poor people by holding them hostage for their votes in exchange for the goodies that big-government hands out to them. But the promise of life-long welfare and substandard housing is not the only sin that Democrats have been committing against their fellow Americans.

As part of the liberal lie about global warming, big government has edicted that a food product, corn, used around the world by poor people to feed their families in locations where a wide variety of food is not plentiful, be used as a fuel in American automobiles. This edict has caused the price of corn, as used in ethanol, to increase significantly as the price of gasoline and ethanol have increased, thereby causing the price of corn as a food product to also increase. The evidence is abundantly available that the world’s poor are only getting poorer and that their hunger is also increasing with this immoral use of food for fuel. But liberals in government will not relent in their lies about environmental disaster, and while the voting farmers of America enjoy the increased income that their corn crops provide them, the farce continues, with big government liberals getting the farm vote for the extra income farmers get from the ethanol edict.

But maybe the philanthropic Clinton Global Initiative scam that Hillary is associated with is giving poor people assistance with corn purchases so as to off-set the increased cost of this staple in their diets. But don’t bet on it. There would not be so much poverty in the world if governments, including the government of the United States, would leave their citizens alone to run their own lives and raise their families without big brother making personal decisions for them and issuing orders that must be adhered to, or else.

Additionally, one must not bring up the horrible situation of education in poor parts of American cities, largely controlled by big-city black, Democrat politicians, with no possibility of any school being allowed to compete with the government-run public school system that is letting poor people down by providing substandard education for all who have no options for education and little chance of breaking out of the welfare bonds that liberal Democrats have created to entrap them.

Hillary may or may not be a bigot, as Donald Trump claims, but she is absolutely immoral for the things she and her party have implemented that keep people from being completely free and act an impediments to their education and their chance for financial and personal success in the future.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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    1. I’m aware that Trump has made such a statement, and I hope that when elected he will assist in getting rid of ethanol, which is a typical liberal, big-government scheme that Trump had nothing to do with. I’m not a politician so I can speak boldly my true opinion, but Trump is playing in the arena of politics and, unfortunately, must play that game in order to win. And win he must, and defeat Hillary, if our nation is to correct itself and prosper once more.
      I doubt that Trump has considered the moral side of ethanol, and I hope he’ll change his position once he’s in office, but for now Iowa is an important state that he must win in order to occupy the Oval Office, so I can forgive him this item, this time, and assume his unawareness of the nature of the policy.

  1. Bigot is not exactly the first ‘B’ word that comes to mind when I think of Hillary….

    As for Trump….I suspect he is quite capable of moderation on most issues. Also a change in (approach) isn’t a change in intent

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