One Small Example Of The Larger Unprincipled Democrat Mode Of Conduct

Democrats have always been money-grubbers, but as long as they were being outspent by Republicans in elections they pretended to hate the cost of campaigning and proclaimed that they wanted to get money out of politics, or better yet, go to a government-subsidized financing system. But the rant against Republicans for raising and spending too much money for elections came to a halt recently when Hillary announced that her campaign had accumulated more money than Donald Trump, who is self-financing his campaign for president, and she suddenly began bragging about having more money than Trump, and expressing pride in this formerly despised accomplishment. At this mid-stream attitude-change, Hillary suddenly became proud of the larger pile of cash and the larger expenditures of money her staff was able to make to buy ads and spend money on campaign events. All at once money was a good thing and no longer a problem that undermined a fair election season and an open democracy, such as America has.

On a different money-related, government issue, Democrats are belly-aching loudly about the Republicans spending seven million dollars on their Benghazi investigation in an attempt to determine Hillary’s culpability in the attacks and the deaths of the four Americans that reported to her. But then we learn of the Democrats wasting eight million dollars on the lie of global warming, all of which is completely political and an attempt to gain more control over the lives of Americans and get a lock on controlling the economy to favor Democrat demographics and policy. So when the subject is really an attempt to punish a wrong-doer and make government more open and honest Democrats aren’t interested.  But when it’s pure politics and the promotion of lies and deceit, Dems are fully on-board.

One wonders if Democrats have any honest principles at all or are they interested only in blaming opponents for doing what they themselves, as Democrats, do. Or are they solely and only interested in winning elections and getting control of government and the nation’s wealth?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. In answer to your question…..YES

    “Back (way back) in the day, it was the Republicans that had the ‘big spender’ moniker a used ‘war’ to create financial growth……The Democrats were the working man’s party and fought for us little people. How in the heck did this happen?

    Today’s Democrates will lead us straight into socialism and a one world order if Republicans don’t vote simply because they don’t ‘like’ the candidate…..This ‘ain’t’ Burger King and to keep America you need to put your Country first!

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