Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation Of America” Becomes All-Out War On America

The idiot in the Oval Office, who loves to play at being the president of the United States, is finally seeing his promise of a “fundamental transformation of America” come to fruition with the mass killing of police officers in Dallas. We’ve been watching this fool man’s policies cause increasing misery and suffering as the border is left wide open for illegals to enter; sanctuary cities protect criminals who should not be here; ISIS is ignored and called a JV team while killing hundreds of innocent people; Obama pretends war on Syrian ISIS encampments but does very little to actually eliminate them; he withdraws from Iraq and loses a war already won; he makes a nuclear deal with Iran that assures the Mullahs will obtain a nuclear device in a few years; he accuses the police in American cities of causing racial problems and criminal activity; and now the police are being attacked in full military style on the streets of America.

Now we see the latest realization of Obama’s words and policies with the killing of many police officers in Dallas, Texas, which indicates to me that the terrorism that Obama promised was “contained” in Syria is indeed alive and well in the United States, and it was brought here and allowed to grow by Barack Obama and his far left Democrat party.  In just over seven years Obama has indeed transformed America from a prosperous, free nation to one that is looking more third-world all the time and finds that any of its citizens expressing doubt about global warming are threatened with prosecution for their words and ideas, and has legal, law-abiding gun-owners facing unconstitutional confiscation of those weapons.

So it had better register with the citizens of America that leftist policy will destroy this nation just as it has destroyed all nations that have tried it in the past, most recently Venezuela, and that Obama’s hand-picked successor to the presidency, the “totally qualified” Hillary Clinton, will only make things worse and drive us more quickly to total devastation, domestic terrorism and poverty, if that fool woman is elected in November.

Let this be a lesson to Obama’s followers, that when you proceed to “fundamentally transform” a nation you necessarily weaken its institutions and cause it eternal destruction as unforeseen elements enter the weakened fabric and expand the “transformation” in unintended ways. With all of the unconstitutional and illegal ways Obama has personally attacked America, and with his intentionally racially divisive language, all of this destruction and the killings are on his head, and it would not surprise one at all to learn that the opening of our borders to all who will illegally enter might not have been a contributing factor to this latest killing spree.

We have Obama to thank for this mess.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Nice article Dave. Keep up the good work, and I will follow your posts moving forward.

  2. In a way this was prophetic in that the primary Dallas shooter did turn out to have been influenced by other lands radicalizing him, including a Socialist African mentor, and the US Islamic influence of Black Liberation “Theology.”

    Since we’ve built up China militarily while stripped down ours, and with N.Korea & Russia increasing their global aggression too, our weakened nation may be invaded as soon as our regime completes the heavy lifting of disarming our self-defense from “enemies foreign & domestic.”

    But I believe USSA will be given a spiritual revival for light again. And George Washington’s diaried vision of 3 wars on US soil, the upcoming third one “so terrible that God must send angelic intervention to prevail”–the good news is prevail, God bless US.

  3. TRANSFORM would mean only to alter or change NOT REPLACE….This morning in Poland, Obama said we WILL be a united ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT Watch your six and keep your powder dry Let’s not wait for him (or Hillary) to fire the first shot.

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