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Obama Demands PC Cowering in Wake of Orlando Shooting.Wake Up America!!!!

Obam prophetHillary-Angry-Benghazi

“And who really is responsible for any one man carrying a gun? Surely it’s impossible that it’s him.”—Bob Dylan –1968

When Obama campaigned on hope and change, the American people who voted for him, many with their hands out, were thinking he meant a change from the Bush Administration .Little did they know his real, diabolical plans of change for America. The direction this country is headed should strike fear in the heart of every Christian, especially knowing that the Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be converted, they should be annihilated. I have been reading the Koran to find out what Islam is all about and the first 148 pages deal with converting the unbeliever and if they don’t convert they are your enemy and should be eliminated. Now President Obama is encouraging schools to teach the Quran for extra credit while at the same time they cannot even talk about the Bible, God, pray or salute the American flag while Muslim students can be excused to pray to Allah. Slowly, but surely the Islamists, led by Obama here, are drawing their plans against us in the furtherance of their goal of world domination and global caliphate. Obama has muslim brotherhood people in his administration as well as people on the no fly list. His top advisor Valerie Jarrett is a Muslim whose parents hail from Iran and she says her job is to make this country more Islamic. His foreign affairs advisor Susan Rice is a Muslim and Secretary of Defense James Comey recently converted to Islam.

Obama is bringing n 10,000 Syrians and tens of thousands of others from Islamic countries. Omar Mateen’s father was an illegal from Afghanistan and supported the Taliban. He was brought up to hate gays and instructed that in his son too. In the Islamic countries being gay is punishable by death. How many, more like him are in here now? I guess Valerie Jarrett is getting her wishes in making this country more Islamic.

After the bloody jihadist attack in an Orlando Sunday, Obama’s first comments were not to condemn Islamic terrorism but to put the blame on the availability of guns in America. He also said we should be more tolerant of gays. Hillary went after gun control also while Donald Trump said the real problem was radical Islam which Obama and Hillary refuse to say. Hillary, the panderer that she is, only changed her rhetoric to say radical Islam after Trump shamed her into it and that she saw that gays were switching from her to Trump.

The president told the nation Sunday’s attack was a “further reminder of how easy it is for people to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub, and we have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be.” Obama: ‘We’ are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre | New York Post  So we have a president who may or may not be a citizen yet he is deciding what kind of country we should be.

His legal name is Barry Soetoro after his adopted father’s name. He never legally changed it to Barak Hussein Obama and his SS number is fake as well from Connecticut‎, a place he never lived. We have always known this about OBAMA, He lies to get his ways. Everything about any shooting brings Obama out of the woodwork and start using victims as a excuse to grab guns… Or start a war.

This jerk in Orlando had been speaking out about his hate for the United States since 911. Many people that knew him are now telling of his hate and his terrorist attitude. Had they spoken up, at least 100 people wouldn’t be dead or injured. He should have been fired from his security job. The powers that be didn’t because he was a Muslim. Just like in San Bernadino, people said they had bombs all over the floor but didn’t report it because of fear of being labeled racist. Wake up America, Radical Islamist want you and I dead.

Less than a week before Omar Mateen walked into an Orlando gay club and killed or wounded more than 100 people, the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) submitted its Countering Violent Extremism  report to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson. The report instructs the DHS not to use any language that might be “disrespectful” to Muslims, including (but not limited to) the words “jihad,” “sharia” and “takfir.”

This is totally absurd. Recall that the Department of Homeland Security only exists because Muslim men engaged in jihad against the West used commercial airliners to murder thousands of innocent Americans. “Takfir” is a charge of apostasy. It’s implicit whenever an American leader says “these people and these acts are not representative of true Islam.” 

The report urges DHS officials to “Reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.”

For example, the report says the DHS should be “using American English instead of religious, legal and cultural terms like ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia,’ ‘takfir’ or ‘umma.’”

Here’s the thing: terrorists regularly refer to the jihad against the West. They regularly show wanton disregard for our way of life and our delicate sensibilities by engaging in horrific acts of violence against Americans. There’s nothing measured or delicate about their approach. Muslim Americans who love this country understand this. Maybe Obama thinks they don’t. Maybe Obama believes that calling a terrorist a terrorist will turn these people into radical extremists. If so, then why is he advocating for the mass importation of them and telling Americans we have nothing to worry about?

Besides that, when did Barack Obama get squeamish about attacking religion? He’s shown nothing but contempt for Christianity. Recall that anyone who didn’t support his social liberal agenda was “bitterly clinging to their guns and religion.” His healthcare plan makes no exemptions for religious hospitals who refuse to be complicit in abortion, and his Department of Health and Human Services will now force religious hospitals to perform gender reassignment surgeries or risk losing their federal funding(which, thanks to rising costs associated with Obamacare, is probably critical).
Obama Demands PC Cowering in Wake of Terror Attack

I saw this most interesting comment that shows the true agenda of these so called globalists: The Republican Establishment and the Democrat Establishment are both controlled by the Globalist Billionaire Elites. All establishment politicians are owned by these vile Globalists. These Globalist Elites start endless wars, control our money and they are pushing for the implementation of the Fascist UN World Government called UN Agenda 2030. The Globalists will have total control over us if this UN government becomes reality. If these insane Globalist freaks get their way, UN Agenda 2030 will be fully implemented by the year 2030. That’s 14 short years folks. That’s why they want our guns. The Globalists want us helpless. The Globalists are using Islamic Jihad and economic pressure to force us into this world government. This NWO will erase our borders and void our US Constitution. Check and find out if your elected reps support the UN and the Globalists NWO. If they do, vote them out. The Globalists are on both sides of the political aisle with some being open about it and some being stealth actors. Some of the Globalist Elites pushing for this NWO insanity are David Rockefeller, Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, the Pope, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, the Clintons, the Bush family, the Rothschild’s, Bilderberg, members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee & the Tri-Lateral Commission and even more. Again, check and see if your elected reps are Globalist traitors and vote them out if they are. Also, If we get out of the UN, it will help stop the Globalists. Pray for America.…

NorthPortNurse • 29 minutes ago

Hold steadfast America, only 119 days to go until the mistake in the White House can be corrected. The voters got it wrong twice, we must all pray the majority does not make a similar mistake this time by voting for the candidate who continuously sings praises of the current president and his policies. Please choose carefully for the election will either set us free or condemn this country and all who love her to a continuation of the policies that currently cripple us and the eventuality of America’s end times.

Charley C. • 8 minutes ago

It all began With Obama becoming President,And has grown from that point ! And all the liberals just keep drinking there Kool Aid And they think all is right with the world as long as they get what they want . It’s time the people of this Grate country wake up and start taking care of our country ,and bring her back to the once grate country she was .Show these Muslims that this is a Christian Country and will always be one ! And if they don’t like it they can leave,they’re 57 Muslim country’s in the world ,they can go there and Live!

Michael • 14 minutes ago

The Saudis paid for Obama’s education. In return he is spreading islam into Europe and the U.S. He and Hillary destabilized the Middle East to create the “refugee crisis.” In actuality it is a muslim invasion. We now have multiple mosques in every state. Saudis offered to build 300 new mosques in Germany. Hillary’s foundation has accepted big bucks from muslims. Her senior aide Huma Abedin is muslim brotherhood. Hillary will continue the muslim invasion. Trump has stated muslims hate us. Only he will stop the invasion.

1776 Coalition :: Ultimate sleeper cell: U.S.-born kids of immigrants are fertile Jihadist recruiting Grounds

REPORT: Orlando shooter was a regular at the

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  1. The Global Elitists – the self appointed Lords of the New World Feudal Estate – have one simple objective;

    to STEAL the entire Planet from the Human race – including the Human Race.

    The Criminal-Bitch demonstrates this elitist Natural Superior mentality best – she is above all law even Treason, even murder

    Over 50 people have died mysteriously – in connection to Hillary Clinton.

    Obama-the Lawless also demonstrates that he believes he is Superior to any of us. He violates our Constitution – that document which IS our consent to be governed! His Treason goes unchecked – perpetually. Our Nations traditional adherence to LAW and Justice, equally for all, has been shaken at its very foundation because the Elitists determine who is the majority and who is Untermensch.

    Ayn Rand said you cannot claim to defend any minority unless you defend the smallest minority of all; the individual! That is Self- Evident Truth!!!

    1. I agree with you 100% Derrell.I really think Obama wants this to be a muslim state with Sharia Law. I read that on Jan.,1st Dearborne ,Mich, will be the first city to be under Sharia Law.Does that apply to non muslims as well since all of their governing body is now Muslim.I heard Obama wants to be on the Supreme Ct.or head of the U.N. I’m well awaere of the 50 mysterious deaths under the Clintons from the days he was in office.l;..The only thing she accomplished was having ambassador killed with three others because of her incompetence. Or was it intentional? She;s a dangeorous woman. Obama,the Clintons and several RINOS and dems area all globalists as you said.

  2. Americans are a very tolerant people or we wouldn’t have allowed our present degenerate condition to have happened in the first place. We’re also very ignorant and apathetic. I suspect that when the critical mass will be awakened is when one or more of our cities are destroyed by a weapon of mass destruction (chemical, biological or nuclear dirty bomb) that has been smuggled across the politically demanded open borders. When that happens and it could be very soon, then Americans will wake up from their lethargic slumber and declare open season on the barbaric scum of the earth and the traitorous politicians who brought them here.

    1. I agree with you Ellis and that’s what I’m,afraid of too.I really think Obama wants this to be a muslim state with Sharia Law. I read that on Jan.,1st Dearborne ,Mich, will be the first city to be under Sharia Law.Does that apply to non muslims as well since all of their governing body is now Muslim.I heard Obama wants to be on the Supreme Ct.or head of the U.N. I’m well awaere of the 50 mysterious deaths under the Clintons from the days he was in office.l;..The only thing she accomplished was having ambassador killed with three others because of her incompetence. Or was it intentional? She;s a dangeorous woman. Obama,the Clintons and several RINOS and dems area all globalists.

  3. The Muslim faith, as I understand from the Quran, states that they shall not pledge allegiance to any other. So….how is it they can become American Citizens? THAT is one more thing being ignored by our illustrious NON leaderS

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