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Libs Are Wrong, As Usual: Orlando Was Not About Gays Or Guns

Liberals seem to have trouble keeping their eyes on the ball. The common denominator between 911 (where no guns were used) and Orlando (where guns were used) was not the use of guns, but rather the intent of radical, hate-filled religious fanatics to kill westerners in general and Americans in particular.

Liberals are so reflexively and narrow-mindedly anti-gun-oriented that they place themselves and the nation at risk by not recognizing that guns can prevent terrorists from murdering at will and at random if good people possess them.

Particularly frightening was to see our president, the one person who should be re-evaluating how Orlando happened, not the method of killing used, and trying to improve security to be sure no future terrorists can use any killing method to murder again, belaboring us with his by-now patented rant against guns. Instead of real-world solutions we have to listen to a sweating, defensive Obama blaming an inanimate object for how it’s used in a demented human’s hands. Obama thinks he’s assured himself a legacy with his abortive Obamacare and his near-criminal, lying nuke deal with Iran, but he’ll always be remembered for not thinking clearly and improving security procedures to halt the killing of Americans while he lectures an opposition political candidate and a harmless gun-owner’s group for the acts committed by a religious hate-filled monster. The rant Obama committed a few days ago, in the shadow of the greatest mass murder attack in American history, showed us a small, simple-thinking man who cannot rid himself of his prejudices and think clearly about the future. His only solution to prevent terrorists using aircraft and bombs to kill masses of people is to ban guns, and this plan will not work and is on the face of it, stupid.

The gun that killed in Orlando was in the killer’s hands the day before the killings, and it didn’t hurt a soul until the killer picked it up and pulled the trigger. The gun was just the method used, among many methods available, to kill on this occasion. Tomorrow the method may well be bombs and grenades, but Obama will not take any step to protect Americans that does not include the further undermining of our constitution by this simple man, who announced his evil intentions toward our nation with his plan to ”fundamentally transform America”, and depriving Americans of their right to possess fire arms is one of the desired means to achieve this transformation.

Our nation is at great risk if our leaders can’t determine reality from their preferred fantasy and properly respond to the Islamic terrorist threat against our nation and our way of life.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Obama is such a moron and does not know crap about crap. The Democrat has one agenda and only one agenda……removing guns from lawful gun owners and if some insane ISIL follower can accomplish that goal for them then they are the useful idiots of the moment.

    The Democrats and Obama and Biden will be defeated …..yet again

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