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If A Nuclear Missile Was Launched Against The United States, Would Obama Have The Courage Or Desire To Retaliate To Save America?

Last week Obama was in Hiroshima, once again apologizing for America’s past actions in the world. Whenever the subject arises of the United States using an atomic weapon, it must be remembered that Japan started the war with their unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, and it was Harry Truman who had the courage to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to save millions of lives, Japanese as well as American, and to put an end to the war. As Obama strutted around like a big shot in front of the Japanese, I couldn’t help but wonder, in the current-day proliferation of nuclear weapons, if Obama would have the courage to order the launch of our missiles against a nation which had already launched a first-strike nuclear attack on the United States. I seriously doubt it. I believe this fool, America-hating man, would sit on the decision until a part of the United States was destroyed, and he would, instead of destroying the attacking nation, likely seek forgiveness and understanding from the attacker for whatever fantasy reason they had for launching against us. Thomas Sowell, the prolific author, is on record as believing that in a situation such as this, where America is threatened with imminent nuclear destruction, Obama would not only fail to counter-attack, but he would immediately surrender to the attacking nation. This sounds exactly like the Obama I know.

Another approach in considering what Obama would do under attack, is to consider his hate and disgust for our military and the volunteers who fill its ranks. It’s likely that just on the basis of the response to an attack being a military action, he would decide to not counter, and let the US be destroyed. As Commander in Chief of our armed forces, the President is sworn to defend our Constitution and defend the security of the nation, which, as a pacifist leftist, is a difficult, if not an impossible, thing for him to do.

Considering the haste and ease with which Obama signed an agreement to give a nuke to Iran, who could believe that he could then launch one of our missiles against them if they attacked us? This action would be an admission that he was wrong to give them nuclear capacity in the first place, and Obama will never admit that an action of his was in error. And of course, since an Islamic missile would be considered a missile of peace from the religion of peace, how could the militant United States afford to attack it and expose ourselves to being called war mongers and Islam haters?

I fear that Obama’s long-demonstrated hate for America and dislike of our power and wealth would cause him to fault on the side of any enemy. Obama believes it’s just not fair that America should have such power and comfort in a world of poverty and misery, so he would probably delay a defensive decision and cause the destruction of America.

Any man, and especially the President of the United States, who boldly stated that he intended to “fundamentally transform America”, would very likely not oppose a nuclear attack on America, using the illogic that the best way to “fundamentally transform America” is to destroy it and then rebuild it in a sane and humane way with the likes of Obama as its fuhrer. And in my opinion, that’s the hate-America thinking of our Barack Insane Obama. Given the destruction to our laws and our constitution that Obama has caused while working internally inside our government, I have no doubt he would side with an enemy that launched an attack that could destroy us externally as well.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Sure Barry figures we can take one on the chin for the World Team, we all just need to get along.
    He’s digging this gig as the world’s Godfather.

  2. First, where was the apology for Hiroshima? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but this article starts with an incorrect supposition, and then the author proceeds to get angry about something that hasn’t happened. Also, when did Obama “give Iran a nuke?” Everything about this is absurd.

  3. Dave, Overall I agree with your premises and content. I do wish you had included that…..In the Japanese Culture a verbally expressed ‘apology’ is not necessary. It is the act of acknowledging an act or deed that to them conveys regret and sorrow while admitting fault ….And as a sitting President, poor as he is, Obama’s mere presence said to them that the United States was wrong and sorry.

    IF IF IF the head of Japan were to visit Pearl Harbor and place a wreath over the Arizona…It would be a draw and we could move forward on an equal bases.

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