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Obama Intends Only T-R-O-U-B-L-E With His LGBT Edict

Our immature president, never shy to introduce social initiatives from nowhere, intended to cause chaos and trouble in the nation, and in the case of gender-preference restrooms, cause political and social trouble for his Republican Oval Office replacement next year, is simply fulfilling his promise to “fundamentally transform America” with his latest edict.

Our national deficit is into the clouds; inner-city murders are enormous and growing; ISIS threatens all western nations; illegal aliens are drowning America with people repelled from the treatment they get in their native nations to our south, seeking goodies from America; Syrian refugees are promised to have terrorists in their midst; our roads and bridges are in bad shape and need the maintenance that Obama’s stimulus bill was supposed to provide; Obama has granted nuclear development, and the means to deliver the nuke, to Iran with his idiotic agreement; government regulations are choking businesses to death; public education is drowning in political correctness and leftist lies and schemes, and the big push of Obama for the remaining six months of his administration is gender-identity restrooms (which apply to all Americans except his own daughters and some other wealthy and privileged families who can make other arrangements).

By way of punishing those states which object to Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal edict, he threatens to withhold federal education funds from those who will not participate, but by doing so he is also punishing LGBT children (is there such a thing?) by negatively impacting their education. But will withheld education funds really hurt education? If the states being refused federal money will also ignore education policy coming from the Department of Education, I believe they’ll find that their education results will improve as they concentrate on real education and not the PC crap that the government pushes.

Even being mindful of the fact that Obama is a radical leftist liberal and is inclined to push a radical agenda that undermines all that America stands for, this LGBT thing still makes no sense, except to rile up the nation and take our eyes off of areas that Obama is playing with and does not want us to notice. Currently no one is being kept from clean, modern restrooms with adequate partitions to assure privacy for whomever enters, but radicals like Obama only want to create a new victim class that will vote Democrat.

So if you want an example of a Democrat actually waging a War on Women, Obama’s restroom-choice issue is a classic one. Republicans would be wise to take note of this angle.

Before long, Democrats will likely take up the cause of smokers who are being forced to light-up out-of-doors in January and February, thereby causing untold numbers of colds, flu and pneumonia, and the government will therefore order that schools and businesses provide separate restrooms and breakrooms for these poor folks who are being treated as second-class citizens.

Obama is a committed fool and must be ignored in this latest push to radicalize and destroy this nation, and every state of the union must oppose his latest unconstitutional move.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It is what the rest of our government is doing, or not doing that concerns me. Absolutely nothing. We have laws in place for rogue polititians, but they lay on their backs with their feet kicking the wind, they do nothing to stop the man pretending in the White House. They are either impotent or implicate, but what they are not, is doing the work they need to be doing right now to stop this. Seeing a news flick of a sweating Ted Gowdy make a complaint,is inefficient. Obama, Kerry, and Hillary should all be locked up as justice involved citizens until righteousness prevails in our land.

    1. Marilyn, you make an excellent point. It’s my guess that the voters keep the same o same o in DC just to have something to gripe about because it certainly isn’t on the merit of their performance!! Since Gitmo is almost vacant, perhaps Obama and crew could see the sun from there.

      As for Obama and his affinity for the LGBT …..perhaps he is in search of an identity….

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