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Mitt Romney: It’s Disqualifying for a candidate not to release tax returns…

Former Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney believes he has found the way to knock Trump out of contention for the nomination – disqualification based on a rule no one can find … anywhere.

Romney posted this magically-appearing rule on Facebook Wednesday afternoon along with a rant about why Trump should fall in-line with his rule.

“It is disqualifying for a modern-day presidential nominee to refuse to release tax returns to the voters, especially one who has not been subject to public scrutiny in either military or public service” wrote Romney.

The Constitution only requires the candidate to be 35 years of age and a natural-born citizen. We have been unable to find anything in the RNC rules that require the release of tax returns in order to seek the nomination.

Trump told the Associated Press that he would not be releasing his tax returns before an IRS audit completed as this was the advice of his lawyers.

Mitt is getting an earful on social media after pushing this ham-handed idea:

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romney tells trump to release returns

There are only three possible outcomes from this ill-conceived diatribe:

  1. Trump tells Mitt to get lost and that he won’t be releasing his tax returns – RNC does nothing – Trump gets nomination
  2. Trump tells Mitt to get lost, doesn’t release returns and the convention rules committee makes a new rule disqualifying him, he goes third party
  3. Trump releases his tax returns – not at all likely

In none of those scenarios does the Republican party have anything to gain by marching Mitt out to post this craptastic message. Then again, the GOP had nothing to lose – if the message got as negative a response as it seems to be getting, it’s all on Mitt.

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  1. lorenzo demetrius jackson

    Mr Romney is a very old, very bitter man. He has no connection with Republicans today, especially younger ones who are taking the reins. He is a self-interested egoist. He lost his presidential election due to his incompetence as a candidate, so he has no credential to criticize anyone. He sat in bewilderment like he was watching a spinning disco ball around him as Obama’s campaigning displayed Romney’s lack of accomplishment clearly. Please leave the stage Romney and go to your New Hampshire lake resort and hang out and lose some of your bitterness by looking in a mirror and then apologizing to we Republicans.

  2. Richard Robinette

    I did not vote for Mr Trump but he’s our man now. I am 100% behind Mr Trump. Mitt is a loser and should just go behind a tree and cry. I don’t like what he is doing and no longer trust him. I can’t believe I voted for Mitt.

  3. “letgo, letgo, Mitt…….you missed your turn…..How sad it is to see a highly successful and influncal man fall from grace. I supported him, but sounds like sour grapes upset his tummy

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