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Liberalism Is Plagued With Revelations And Sudden Blasts Of Truth And Light

Probably the most troubling recent liberal/Democrat trend is their ability to have the immaculate light of truth suddenly appear to them, and the whole bunch of them do a full court press to implement the revelation and shove it down the throats of all Americans.

The push for men who claim to identify as being women, to be able to use a women’s restroom is the craziest push of this kind to be seen. And even more bizarre is the number of leftist celebrities who immediately jump on the radical bandwagon and insist that this is suddenly a good idea that wasn’t even thought of a year ago, but must be implemented nationally, immediately under a government edict that claims it’s a necessary part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This is terrifying stuff and is a sign of insanity from the left when their latest push is followed religiously as though it had always been celestial truth recently unveiled only to leftists.

And there are numerous other liberal revelations that are substantially undermining American society:

Homosexual “marriage” that doesn’t even fit the definition of marriage.

Allowing convicted criminals to vote (for Democrat candidates, of course).

Opening our borders to all who would enter.

Banning gun ownership in contradiction to the constitution.

The criminalization of police work and the takeover of local police departments by the Feds.

Assuring that Iran will get a nuclear weapon, and of course, lying to everyone about what the Iran agreement allows.

Refusal to sell a wedding cake to a homosexual couple becomes a federal, criminal offense.

Obamacare is sold as being essential yet destroys healthcare and breaks middleclass Americans.

A president blatantly lying to Americans (keep doctor, keep plan, no Iran nuke) and the liberal press aids in the deception and cover-up.

Welfare housing being edicted for middleclass neighborhoods, which will destroy home values.

Warming/change doubters will be prosecuted and jailed for their opinion.


These trends are Hitlerian in their ability to get liberals to join the efforts in lock-step to a new federal order, and force an unconvinced public to follow in line or be hounded by the press and leftist groups, and possibly audited by the IRS.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Take the identity and you take the soul and you control, From ‘stage left’ enters slavery

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