The Donald Calls The System “Rigged”, But Only Where He Has Lost

You can tell the places where Donald Trump has won primary elections and the ones he has lost: when he loses an election he considers it rigged, and when he wins an election he struts and calls his opponents losers and whiners. Why were the elections he won not rigged? Wasn’t his money and his command of even liberal media platforms part of his success, and aren’t those things part of a rigged system?

Actually the system is rigged, always has been and always will be, but not quite how Trump frames the argument. Powerful, dominant, wealthy people will always win elections because the thoughtful, quiet types are unable to get their message across without the money and connections required to get the needed attention and support.

For someone who has been phenomenally successful, both in business and thus far in politics, me thinks Trump doth complain and whine too much. I’ve gone from being a big Trump supporter to now being concerned about his name-calling and whining, and I believe it’s way past the time for him to develop clear, precise plans of action upon being elected president, as Ted Cruz has, and drop any personal references and criticism of his Republican opponents.

But not all opponents are created equal, and Hillary Clinton deserves all of the criticism the Republicans can dish out. Trump’s calling her Crooked Hillary is right on target and is a successful title to give her because it’s true, and the current FBI investigation into her practices as Secretary of State are the most recent evidence of the fact that she is crooked, untruthful and dangerous.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Seriously? He’s only complained about states that selected delegates, rather than all their people to vote, and yes, that’s rigged

  2. Rigged? Or perhaps inadequate and convoluted. EACH state sets the ‘rules’ for their own method of selecting delegates and their distribution As convoluted and confusing as it is….it’s in accordance with the 10th Amendment and are the Rules. IF someone wants to “play the game” it’s their responsibility to know and follow the rules. If they aren’t capable of that then perhaps they should find another game.

    These Rules are available to ALL candidates and by entering the race. the candidate accepts them.

    YES….it most assuredly is an issue that each state should review their own methods for selecting delegates and attempt to establish a system more uniform with other states that is more easily understood. Frankly, I believe it’s this confusion that causes so many to feel like their vote doesn’t count.

    Could it possibly be that Trump simply cannot believe that some simply don’t want him as President?

    IF elected, will he follow in Obama’s footsteps and BLAME everyone else when things go afoul?

    It’s time in my opinion for the States to review their process and make it an open discussion so that the average voter can understand…..And, yes, it is expensive to become a delegate beginning at the local level leading to state…I missed the chance for that reason.


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