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So Now It’s Cultural Invasion Americans Are Guilty Of?

A few days ago we were made aware of a young black woman at San Francisco University who was verbally chastising (and physically blocking the path) of a white male student who had his hair in dreadlocks. She was berating him for invading her “culture” with his choice of hair arrangements. She was absolutely mini-aggressing him verbally but also put her hands on him in an attempt to keep him from escaping her abuse.

If the young man, who in years past would have been praised for his hair and for its message of being down with the struggle, was in fact infringing on the woman’s “culture” as she argued, how is she not infringing on his culture by wearing an upscale, stylish sweater and jacket, by taking showers, which are uniquely western/American activities, by eating American food instead of conch burgers, by speaking English and attending an American college instead of idly laying under a palm tree somewhere smoking grass and doing nothing at all toward her future? She probably even drives an American automobile. She was doing all of these things, but were they infringing on the young man’s culture or the culture of any white person? Not in my American they weren’t.

And exactly what is the “culture” of a black woman living comfortably in America that she would abuse someone for any particular hairdo?  It’s very much a part of the American culture to allow differing ideas and styles to be seen and heard and not be attacked, as we plainly saw in the video of the event. And additionally, the woman complaining about culture infringement wore an afro hairdo. Why is her non-white hair not culturally offensive to white Americans? Is this woman from Communist North Korea that she is so demanding that only what she approves can be displayed?

It’s almost a relief to find that the charge of racism has been dropped from minority attacks on white people, but also disturbing that the young man’s hair got a minority student so upset. After all, the man made no claim of being black, he only chose to do the dreadlock thing with his hair.

I don’t think any hair style is owned by any group of people, but if cultural infringement on a black person’s life is the issue, then the young lady of this subject should be outraged at Rachel Dolezal who a year of so ago wore an Afro hairdo and pretended to be black, even though both of her parents are white and she has no black brothers or sisters. She passed as black and even held a racially identified position that was thereby denied to a real black person, and she did everything she could to be accepted as black and to be thought of as such. This type of activity is deranged cultural infringement and outright lying on Ms. Dolezal’s part, but the young lady who abused the man with dreadlocks was apparently good with the lying identity of Dolezal and just wanted to confront someone about something.

When a hair style becomes a subject of abuse and attack, the attacker had better get her head examined, because she’s nuts. But Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and this is just another tentacle of that promise.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Some things just defy logic…..I’ve always wondered why so many come to America for a better life and bring their culture insisting it take priority. In cases like this I suspect that there’s a lot of low self esteem and disparaging others is a coping method…..Our population is like a huge patchwork quilt and all nationalities and culture can only add to wealth…so it’s the “person’ that needs an attitude adjustment

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