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Boston Globe Lying, Anti-Trump Headline: “Deportations to Begin”

The fake, lying, anti-Trump headline referenced above, dated April 9, 2017 (after Trump is in office if he wins election this November) recently appeared under the Boston Globe umbrella and destroys any pretense that the liberal press is just reporting the news and remains impartial in the upcoming election. The headline is a hit piece not only on Trump but on all Americans who want to get illegal persons of every nationality out of our country and stop the daily flow of illegal entrants breaking down our borders.  The Globe’s headline is a lie, but I can think of several headlines I believe they should have printed years ago that would be completely true, and which indicate problems of greater import to Americans than Trump trying to get rid of criminals who illegally crossed our borders. The Globe and all other papers should print the following true headlines:

Obama illegally opens our borders to all entrants, all citizens as risk

Liberals and President Obama OK with Sanctuary Cities which harbor illegal immigrant murderers

Obama inviting Syrian refugees to America knowing that some will be terrorists

Obamacare financially breaking the American middle class

Obama indifferent to Hillary’s unsecured email server and the classified information the emails contained

Obama disobeys the laws he swore to obey and the Constitution he swore to defend

Obama’s Justice Department blaming police departments for the shootings of criminals breaking the law; more crime, murders and resentment of the police an assured result

Obama swears to “fundamentally transform America” and needs to be watched carefully and suspected of anti-American policies at every turn

Obama’s EPA regulations are vastly exceeding their legal bounds and causing in increase in unemployment as a result

Obama only pretending to hurt ISIS and other terrorist groups threatening America

Those would be true headlines and would reassure all Americans that the liberal press is not an instrument of the liberal/progressive/Democrat party just shilling for Hillary’s election. But unfortunately that’s exactly what the mainstream press is, and may God save this great nation.

Of course if our fat-and-happy Republican legislators would occasionally speak up and voice an opinion contrary to the Obama party line it may increase public opinion against Obama and cause the press to really report the news and not pro-Hillary tripe. But don’t hold your breath.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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