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Liberals Finally Admitting Obamacare Is A Disaster

Chelsea Clinton recently voiced the official Hillary admission that Obamacare is a disaster and that its costs are “crushing” many Americans financially. It seems to me that Hillary is a little late in this realization.

Where was Hillary when we had a chance to halt the Obamacare insanity before it was enacted? Did she not read the bill (oops, no one was allowed to read the original 20,000 page bill before it was enacted by Democrats only, along strict party lines). Did she not hear conservatives say that exactly what is happening with the ACA would inevitably happen (oops again. Republicans and conservatives who mentioned the destructive aspects of Obamacare were branded as obstructionists and racists who hated poor people)?

Of course Hillary will not propose repealing Obamacare and restoring the nation’s healthcare to a policy of allowing competition and individual choice among free citizens. She will not allow competitive, cross-state-line insurance offerings in the 50 states. Nor will she allow the consideration of tort reform to reduce costs and liability. And she doesn’t like the idea of medical savings accounts that allow Americans to be responsible for their own lives. Her only acknowledged idea for helping the middle class afford health care is to tweak the bill here and there while retaining complete government control. Obama’s “legacy” needs to be completely gutted and repealed in order to “fix” it.

Although Hillary pretends to oppose Obamacare, two articles from The Hill have headlines that strongly suggest otherwise. On September 15, 2014, they wrote: “Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over Obamacare”, and on January 27, 2016, Hillary is quoted as saying: “It was Hillarycare before it was Obamacare”. So it’s obvious that Hillary wants to have the discussion both ways: she takes credit for giving Obama the idea for Obamacare and wants uninformed people to thank her for this plague on America, and at the same time wants to appear to be a great reformer who will undo the excessively expensive Obamacare and save American families money. One can only hope that Americans voters are smart enough to not fall for Democrat lies again and will vote for a Republican president who has promised to repeal Obamacare, period!

One wonders what other horrible, destructive things that Obama has cooked up the last seven years that liberals pretend to like while their ruler is in power, but that they will disdain in the future as the destructiveness of the Obama administration becomes apparent. Will they realize the absolute terror of the Iran nuke deal? Obama’s blaming of Israel for the Palestinian problem? The opening of our borders to allow all who want to enter illegally be welcomed to do so? The relocation of Syrian “refugees” into our country? Forced location of welfare housing projects into middle class neighborhoods? Trying to “contain” ISIS instead of totally destroying it? Dancing on television while Brussels burned? And how about Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform America”? Was that really a good idea?

Democrats, regardless of age, seem to be stuck in the stage of brain maturity where the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed, which process usually completes by age 25, thereby making their decisions brash and irrational and not fully thought through and properly considered. This immaturity among Democrats/liberals/progressives is dangerous.

But they are what they are: Democrats behave like impulsive teenagers who will not listen to conservatives as they make unwise decisions that negatively impact every American, while calling conservatives who give wise counsel obstructionists, old-fashioned, racists and bigots who just want to keep liberals from having fun. Parents with teenagers will recognize these responses coming from Democrat/liberal/progressives for what they are: immature and thoughtless.

It makes one sad to consider the blessings this nation could have had, and the tens of billions of dollars we might have saved, if Obamacare had been rejected and real, meaningful healthcare revisions and improvements could have been introduced instead of the government taking over the constitutional rights of Americans in the running of their lives. It’s been a tragedy, and it’s on the heads of the thoughtless, immature Democrats.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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